Niehoff Annual Reports

Annual Report
Niehoff Studio 2011

Annual Report
Niehoff Studio 2012

Annual Report
Niehoff Studio 2013

Annual Report
Niehoff Studio 2014


Academic Reports

Building Healthy and Resilient Places
Niehoff Studio 2014-2015

Movement in the City
Niehoff Studio 2013-2014

Movement in the City
Niehoff Studio 2012-2013

Place Matters
Niehoff Studio 2011-2012

Mill Creek Watershed
Scenario Project
Spring 2010

Great Streets and Gateways 2008-2010

This is Uptown
Niehoff Studio Winter 2008

Housing and Community Development in Uptown
Niehoff Studio 2006-2008

Over-the-Rhine Project
Niehoff Studio 2004-2006

Urban Food
and Quality of Life
Niehoff Studio 2002-2004


Technical Reports

East End Garden District Study: An Urban Design Menu 2013

Economic and Community Impacts of the Revitalized Music Hall 2012

Model Group
Baseline Impact Study 2012

CHEF Project:2012

East Third Dayton - Urban Design Charrette 2011

Habitat for Humanity Forensic Report

Food Congress Report
April 2011

Broadway Commons District Plan 2010-2011

Cincinnati Museum Center Fall 2010

Affordable housing in Uptown

UC Food System

Cincinnati Playscape Project

Research Papers and Presentations