About CET&L, A Division of Undergraduate Studies

Our Staff

Bryan Robert Smith

Bryan Robert Smith, Director

480DA Langsam Library

MFA, Creative Writing, University of Florida
PhD, English & Comparative Literature, University of Cincinnati

Within Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Bryan directs strategic vision and planning for CET&L, and is ultimately responsible for CET&L programming. In particular, he co-chairs the Diversity & Inclusion Committee's workgroup for Faculty Development; he runs workshops on teaching and learning; he serves on the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council, the General Education committee, IT@UC Governance committee, the Experiential Learning Council, the Course Evaluation committee, and as advisor to the Provost's Academic Committee in support of academic program outcomes assessment. In addition, he is available to consult with academic departments on issues of teaching, learning, program assessment, and curricula.


Kimber Andrews, Ed.D.

Kimber Andrews, Assistant Director

480 Langsam Library

MFA, Dance, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
PhD, Education, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

At CET&L, Kimber directs efforts related to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and supports faculty to create inclusive learning environments accessible to diverse learners.  She facilitates the UDL Faculty Learning Community and assists Anna Donnell with the Active Learning Classroom Fellows Program.  She is available for individual and group consultations.

Kimber’s research interests include arts based inquiry, performance ethnography, reflective practice, and the aesthetic, experimental, and embodied aspects of teaching and learning.  In particular, she explores the relationship between curricular design and how it is orchestrated and embodied in the classroom space.

Kimber has designed and taught classes in composition (video, dance and writing), dance technique and dance history.  Before coming to academia, she was a touring dance artist and brought meaningful experiences with the arts into schools and communities throughout the Midwest.

Kimber is an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Education and the Arts, and has presented her research at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry, and Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures.  She was the lead interviewer for the NSF study Educate to Innovate and presented findings at the American Society for Engineering Education conference.


Anna Donnell

Anna Donnell, Assistant Director

480 Langsam Library

BA, Chemistry (ACS-certified), St. Anselm College
PhD, Chemistry, University of Cincinnati

At CET&L, Anna directs efforts related to course design and innovative pedagogy. Currently, Anna facilitates the Junior Faculty Learning Community (JR-FLC) and the Active Learning Fellows Program (ALF Program). Anna also teaches workshops on evidence-based practices to enhance teaching and learning across UC. In addition, she serves as advisor to UC’s Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE) which provides teaching and learning professional development opportunities for graduate students. Anna is available for individual and group consultations as well as classroom observations for any instructor at UC to develop personalized strategies that improve academic student success.

In the Department of Chemistry at UC, she teaches General Chemistry and works closely with faculty in the department to improve the General Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry curricula.

Anna’s background in analytical chemistry includes trace metal analysis, speciation, and metalloproteomics with a focus on environmental and health applications. In the classroom, her research and teaching interests include student misconceptions, reasoning, scientific argumentation, metacognition, STEM courses, large enrollment courses, and the ability to connect the classroom experience with the greater world.  

Anna's scholarly work has been published in peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Chemical Education and Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. She has also presented her research at professional conferences including Lilly International Conference on College Teaching, The POD Network Conference, The Ohio-PKAL Annual Conference, SciX: The Great Scientific Exchange, The Winter Plasma Conference, Pittcon, The ACS National Meeting, and The ACS Central Regional Meeting.


Beth Faller

S. Elisabeth (Beth) Faller, Assistant Director

480 Langsam Library

BA, History, Boston University
EdM, Language & Literacy, Harvard Graduate School of Education
EdD, Human Development & Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

At CET&L, Beth directs efforts related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), including facilitating a SoTL-focused Faculty Learning Community and developing support for scholars engaged in the writing stage of SoTL. She also creates workshop programming and is available for individual and group consultations.

Beth’s research and teaching interests include reading and writing instruction, developing self-regulated learners, adult learning, and understanding the individual and organizational factors that influence efforts to change instruction. Her experience in the field of education includes teaching, curriculum design, teacher professional development, and program evaluation.

Beth has developed and taught courses in both university and Adult Basic Education settings. She recently taught graduate-level courses for teachers on sociolinguistics and bilingual education and writing development and instruction, as well as a course to help K-12 school leaders understand contrasting models of literacy reform.

Beth’s scholarly work has appeared in peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Reading Research Quarterly, The Reading Teacher, Science Scope, and Preventing School Failure. She has also presented at professional conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association and Council for Exceptional Children, the Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning and the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning. Additionally, she has written teaching cases for the Public Education Leadership Project, a joint initiative of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School. Visit her Scholar@UC site to explore a selection of her scholarly works.


Daniel C. Waddell

Guest Presenter:

Daniel C. Waddell, Chemistry, Assistant Professor – Educator

509 Rievschel Hall

BS, Chemistry, Ohio Northern University
PhD, Chemistry, Univeristy of Cincinnati

At UC, Dan serves as the coordinator of the general chemistry lecture series. Dan started teaching at UC in 2014 and has taught both organic and general chemistry to large lecture classes. Dan also helped mentor a group of graduate students through the process of developing and offering an online green chemistry course.

Dan has been a part of a variety of teaching initiates at UC including being a member of A&S college’s IIAC (Instructional Innovation Advisory Council), CET&L’s Junior Faculty Learning Community, and the iPad Initiative cohort. Dan has also been selected as an e-learning champion for his use of technology in the classroom. Dan’s primary pedagogical interests are technology in the classroom and metacognition.

In additional to an interest in teaching, Dan’s background is in Green Organic Chemistry, specifically mechanochemistry. Dan has published in the Journal of Chemical Education as well as Green Chemistry and has presented educational research involving metacognition at the Ohio-PKAL Annual Conference.



Lauren Mason headshot

Lauren Mason, Graduate Assistant


480 Langsam Library

BA, Psychology, Randolph College

At CET&L, Lauren is a liaison for all CET&L sponsored programs, meetings, workshops, and conferences. She also researches relevant scholarly articles to share on CET&L’s social media accounts, manages website content, and maintains databases for impact tracking and budget.

Lauren is a graduate student in the Master’s in Applied Psychology program at UC, concentrating in Community Psychology. Her research interests include empathy and related issues, such as social and emotional learning, mindfulness, and social connectedness. Lauren is involved in the Center for Organizational Leadership Lab at UC with Dr. Chrobot-Mason and the Human Rights and Social Context Lab with Dr. Dutt. Following graduation, Lauren intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. She has had the privilege of presenting her research at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference and the Virginia Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a specialized and diverse group of UC researchers and instructors that provides strategic direction for CET&L and the Learning Commons.