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Blackboard goes away June 30

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Plan now to save your Blackboard course content

The University of Cincinnati will end its contract with Blackboard on June 30, 2020. Faculty members will not have access to Blackboard after that date.  

What will happen to my content in Blackboard? 

Everything will be deleted from Blackboard on June 30, 2020. In late spring, your course content will either be moved to Canvas, archived offsite, or permanently deleted depending on the course offering date. See additional information and what you can do now below.

Courses offered: What will happen to my content? What should I do now?
Fall 2017 through Spring 2020 As a failsafe, course documents and files will import to Canvas. Read Moving Content from Blackboard to Canvas to see which content imports and which does not. Please note, some course content such as rubrics, wikis and journals will not move. All moved content will require reorganization and cleanup. (1) Instructors should begin building their courses in Canvas now, while they still have access to Blackboard. (2) Take screen shots of your course layout in Blackboard for reference (3) Export Blackboard Grade Center to Excel.
Fall 2015 through Spring 2020 For UC record-keeping purposes, including accreditation and other concerns, course content will be archived offsite and inaccessible.  See above recommendation for these courses as well. 
All other Blackboard courses and organizations All content will be permanently deleted and irretrievable.  Save anything you want to retain to a sandbox in Canvas or a Cloud-based storage drive like OneDrive prior to June 30, 2020. 

Can I move my content to Canvas now? 

Yes, you are encouraged to move your content anytime between now and June 30, 2020. After that date, you no longer have access to Blackboard. 

What if I want help moving or saving my course content now? 

Two resources you can take advantage of now are CET&L’s Moving Content from Blackboard to Canvas guide and One-on-One Consultations for advice on moving content, as well as advice on Canvas course set-up. 

In addition, plan now to take advantage of workshops through Faculty Development OneStop

  • Canvas Workshops—Be ready for Canvas by Summer of 2020  
  • Save It Sessions—Plan to attend a Blackboard Save It Sessions during spring break. Drop in for advice and assistance moving your content from Blackboard to Canvas. 

Plan to review your content and begin building your courses in Canvas today.


Additional Resources


Schedule a Canvas Overview at Your Next Department Meeting

We’d love to give a Canvas overview at your department meeting. Please contact us with some possible dates, times and locations. We’d be happy to tailor our presentation to your needs if there are any particular Canvas features or functionalities you’d like to learn more about.


Schedule a 1x1 Canvas Consultation

Do you need more hands-on help with your move to Canvas? Please consider scheduling a 1x1 Canvas consultation with CET&L to support you through this process. These consultations are also an opportunity to get feedback on existing Canvas courses. Click here to schedule a Canvas consultation.


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Workshops & Events

Plan now to take advantage of workshops and Save It Sessions through Faculty Development OneStop

  • Blackboard Save It Sessions—Drop in during a Save It Session for advice and assistance on moving your content from Blackboard to Canvas.