Canvas First Steps and Tips

Annotated Canvas dashboard. Access full annotations at:

Getting Started

To get started, login to Canvas and complete UC Canvas 101. After that, open a "Sandbox" and begin building your course using our Canvas QuickStart Guide for Faculty. You will be able to copy the course you design in your Sandbox into your course shell, once it is available. 

Canvas also offers many guides and video tutorials. Here are a few recommended guides and video tutorials to help get you started.

For ideas on designing courses and teaching online visit the Excellence Online at UC Canvas Course. 

Creating your Course from Scratch Video Series

CET&L created a video series on Creating your Canvas Course from Scratch. This series of 21 videos explores Canvas tools discusses the process of creating a canvas course. Each episode of the series focuses on a single topic, such as setting up your course navigation, creating an assignment or quiz, managing groups, and so on. You can watch the entire series or choose the videos that are most relevant to your course.


Canvas Workshops

To view a full list of our upcoming workshops, go to Faculty Development OneStop. If you are unable to attend a virtual workshop, or would like to review the workshop, you can access our workshop recordings, as well as Canvas video tutorials, on the CET&L MediaSpace home page. (You will be asked to log in using your UC credentials.) All virtual workshops recordings are captioned.

Where to Find BB Imports

As part of the university’s transition to Canvas, IT@UC automatically migrated most Blackboard courses taught between Fall 2017 and Spring 2020 to Canvas.  These migrated courses can be found in Canvas under your “Past Enrollments.”

To find your “Past Enrollments,” open Canvas and go to the “Courses” tab on your Global Navigation menu. After that, click on “All Courses.”

Once you are in the “All Courses” section of Canvas, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will find your previous courses in the “Past Enrollments.” section.  The Blackboard imports will all start with (Bb Import) and followed with the year, semester and name of the course.

While you cannot edit the content in these courses, you can copy content form these imported courses to a live Canvas course or a sandbox.  Additionally, here is a short video showing how to find your imported Blackboard courses in Canvas



Do you need more hands-on help with Canvas? Please consider scheduling a 1x1 Canvas consultation with CET&L to support you through this process. Complete the Canvas Consultation Request to schedule a meeting with a CET&L staff member.