Tips for Accommodations while Teaching Online


With the request to move instruction and class activities to remote instruction due to the heightened health concern presented by the COVID-19 virus, it is important that we together continue to meet the requirements of approved academic accommodations and the provision of accessible content for students with disabilities. The information below is intended to provide high level guidance around working with most students with disabilities,

Students with a Registered Accommodation

Students who are registered with Accessibility Resources are receiving direct communication and reminders that it is their responsibility to communicate their accommodations and access needs to you so that you can effectively implement them. Students who may require additional, specialized direct support to ensure access (for example, students who are d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing) will be contacted individually, and faculty will receive follow up plans for ensuring access.

Changes Due to Online Format

Keep in mind students will be acclimating to the majority of their classes being offered in a hybrid and online format. Students may find new barriers to accessing course content or ways thier disability impacts learning.  For example, students may no longer need a note taking accommodation if you remove a live synchronous lecture component from your class, but students who have an accommodation of captioning may need additional time to complete assignments if there are delays due to heightened requests for captions. Students are being instructed to work with you to discuss their needs, and Accessibility Resources staff are available to support and consult for you and your students.

Accessibility of Course Content

Remember that you can utilize the Ally accessibility guidance available in Canvas and Blackboard as needed when you create new content. If a student contacts you because they cannot access your content using assistive technology, refer to these resources to correct accessibility errors. If there is a barrier to a third-party platform, or, the remediation of the content is highly technical in nature, contact Accessibility Resources for guidance. The student may be directed to Accessibility Resources for more information about their accommodations and how to receive accessible formats of their course materials.

Accessible and Accommodated Online Exams

If you are using online proctoring for exams, please make sure to communicate this to your students prior to exam deployment. Students with disabilities should take their tests and quizzes in the same format and setting as the rest of your class, and it will be your responsibility to provide testing accommodations through those platforms if notified by a student that they receive this accommodation. If a student has extra time on exams, your online exam must be extended per their accommodation. If your student has breaks during exams, add in their total break time to their exam, if there is no way for the student to stop and start.

Adjusting Exam Time and Attempts in Canvas

For Canvas

Adjusting exams in Examity and Honorlock

If you are using Honorlock for online proctoring, follow the instructions for extra time and/or extra attempts in Canvas and Honorlock will read this information without any additional input.

For technical assistance with exam accommodations please connect with the IT@UC Help Desk

Accessibility Resources Accomodation Consultations

Accessibility Resources on each campus will be available to consult with you on any emergency or access concerns and questions. We are here to help support you through this transition.

Specific Questions on Accommodations

For specific questions on accommodations or technical assistance making your content accessible, contact the Accessibility Resources Office on your campus.

Uptown Campus Accessibility Resources

513-556-6823 |email Accessibility Resources

Director: Michael Southern


UC Clermont Accessibility Resources

513-732-5327 | Email Clermont Accessibility Resources

Director: Meghann Littrell


UC Blue Ash Accessibility Resources

513-792-8625 |Email UCBA-Disability Services

Director: Pamela Goines


If you are a faculty member who is experiencing disability related barriers to teaching in an online format, please contact the Academic Personnel office or the university’s EIT Accessibility Coordinator.