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Preparing to Teach Remotely


Course instructors and facilitators need to be prepared to teach remotely should the University of Cincinnati campus need to suspend face-to-face instruction for an extended period. Below is an easy-to-follow guide (Communicate. Plan. Revise.) to help our community adapt in-person courses to provide continuity for student learning.   


Getting Started 

If it has been determined that your unit's courses will be moved to remote teaching, work with program and department leaders to coordinate discipline-based practices and expectations around course delivery.

Guidance Resources
Step 1: Communicate – Should a decision be made to suspend face-to-face instruction, be sure to communicate immediately with your students about this decision, even before you revise your course materials. Be sure to ask students to make sure their contact information is up to date in the Learning Management System (Blackboard or Canvas).

Tips for communicating with students

Emailing students using Catalyst

Sending Blackboard announcements

Sending Canvas annoucements

Step 2: Plan – The goal is for students to successfully complete the course. Decide what elements are crucial to keep, but also what can be usefully omitted without directly impacting a student’s ability to meet competency requirements and pre-requisite knowledge within the curriculum of study. 

Tips for modifying your teaching

Remote teaching case study examples

Course revisions worksheet

Step 3: Revise – Revise the remainder of your course, syllabus and schedule to reflect changes. Based on your revisions, pick tools and facilitation methods that you are comfortable using and that your students will be able to access. Communicate changes to your students. If some students indicate that they do not have reliable internet or devices off campus, try to work with these students, or contact the support lines for help with these situations. 

Tips to select digital teaching tools

WebEx CETL workshops

Support Lines: IT@UC

+1 (513) 556-4357

+1 (866) 397-3382


Additional Resources

The Association of College and University Educators created the ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit.

The toolkit includes resources in six key topic areas for teaching remotely:

In addition, there is a discussion forum where you can submit questions about these resources or share instructional challenges you may be facing.