Our Model

To support great teaching CET&L provides confidential, personalized consultations to faculty, instructors, small groups, departments, and colleges. All consultations are voluntary. The agenda is set collaboratively by the faculty member and the consultant. Consultants will begin with your teaching and learning goals as a starting point and then provide suggestions grounded in research to help you meet these goals.

Currently, CET&L is holding all consultations virutally. To request a consultation, select one of the options below and fill out a short questionarre.


CET&L consultants are happy to speak with you about your individual goals and needs. Consultation topics are varied, but might include:

  • Designing or redesigning a course to meet particular learning outcomes;
  • Implementing strategies for inclusive classrooms;
  • Using Early Term Feedback to enhance student learning; or
  • Conducting research on teaching and learning (SoTL).