Faculty Chair & Cabinet

UC Faculty,

I am excited and humbled by your support as I embark on this new opportunity as Chair of University Faculty and Faculty Senate. 

In this position I will have the honor of representing the faculty by sharing our thoughts, ideas, and concerns to all levels of administration. This two-way communication is imperative to upholding a thoughtful, inclusive, creative, forward-thinking institution of higher education. This shared opportunity benefits our student population, our support staff, and most importantly our esteemed faculty.

As a faculty, we need to uphold our responsibility to the university by electing representatives to Faculty Senate, respective Senate and University Committees, and all university positions as requested. Your responsibility as a faculty member is to be active and participate in shared governance by keeping abreast of academic and social issues, through the selection of capable faculty that will represent your colleagues, department, and college, and by participating in university forums. 

My responsibility to you is to keep you informed as we liaise with administration. Look for regular communication from Faculty Senate regarding the events we are charged to address, opportunities to serve and be engaged, and through current issues as the arise. Please reach out to me via phone, email, or the new communication box located on the Faculty Senate website on Bearcat Landing. 

With much appreciation,

Daniel L. Carl, Ph.D., FACSM

Chair University Faculty & Faculty Senate

Professor & Program Director Health Sciences

Faculty Senate Cabinet
Title Name Contact
Chair Dan Carl carldl@ucmail.uc.edu
Vice Chair Tamika Odum tamika.odum@uc.edu
Past Chair Greg Loving greg.loving@uc.edu
Secretary Louis 'Tres' Kutcher kutchel@ucmail.uc.edu
Parliamentarian Sheri Barksdale sheri.barksdale@uc.edu
Board of Trustees Rep Peter Disimile peter.disimile@uc.edu
Board of Trustees Rep Rebecca Leugers leugerrc@ucmail.uc.edu
Chair, Academic Affairs Melanie Kroger-Jarvis melanie.kroger-jarvis@uc.edu
Chair, Budget & Priorities Susan Kotowski susan.kotowski@uc.edu
Chair, Elections Committee Arlene Johnson
Chair, Governance Maureen Schomaker maureen.schomaker@uc.edu
Chair, Human Relations Susan Mantel mantelsp@ucmail.uc.edu
Chair, Information Technology Johanna Looye looyejw@ucmail.uc.edu
Chair, Planning Alison Weiss alison.weiss@uc.edu
Chair, Research & Scholarship G.A. Rassati gian.rassati@uc.edu
Rep, Race & Equity Ad-Hoc Committee Annu Prabhakar annu.prabhakar@uc.edu
Special Appointee Rich Miller rich.miller@uc.edu