Academic Affairs


Headshot of Melanie Kroger-Jarvis

Melanie Kroger-Jarvis

Professor - Educator, CON Population Health

409 Procter Hall


Description of Committee

The charge of the Academic Affairs Committee is to investigate and make recommendations for Senate action concerning any existing or proposed educational or academic policy or practice at the University that is referred to the committee by the Faculty, the Senate, or the Chairperson.

Committee Members
Name Term Email
Janine Hartman (A&S) 2021-23
Wayne Kinney (CAHS) 2022-23
Rebecka Lindau (Libraries) 2021-23
Michael Morelli (LCB) 2022-24
Michael Sharp (CCPS) 2022-24
Teresa Roig-Torres (UCBA) 2022-24


  • Investigate and recommend action on existing academic policy
  • Investigate and recommend action on proposed academic policy


  • The committee is comprised of 6 elected members
  • Members are elected to serve two year term
  • Terms will be staggered 3 elected in odd years; 3 elected in even years