Budget & Priorities


Headshot of Susan E.  Kotowski

Susan E. Kotowski

Professor, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

292D HSB


Description of Committee

The charge of the Budget & Priorities Committee is to examine financial matters of the University and reommend to the Senate ordering of priorities for new funds and for reallocation of present resources, including specific dollar amounts.  As feasible, the committee shall also suggest possible sources for new funding. 

Committee Members
Name Term Email
Autumn Miller (A&S) 2021-23 mille3a6@ucmail.uc.edu
Nancy Oliver (Law) 2021-23 olivern@ucmail.uc.edu
Rob Rude (Clermont) 2021-23 ruderd@ucmail.uc.edu
Peter Disimile (CEAS) 2022-24 peter.disimile@uc.edu
Nicolas Williams (LCB) 2022-24 willian@ucmail.uc.edu
Sharon Purtee (Libraries) 2022-24 sharon.purtee@uc.edu


  • Recommend budget priorities for upcoming Fiscal Year
  • Suggest sources for new funding
  • Recommend reallocation of current funds, as needed


  • 6 total elected members
  • Members elected to serve two year term
  • Terms will be staggered, 3 elected in odd years; 3 elected in even years