Staff Senate

Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Cincinnati Staff Senate is an advisory body to the President of the University and University administration. Staff Senate endeavors to have a duly representative and diverse membership with equitable representation among various colleges, divisions and departments.

The UC Staff Senate is an advocate and forum to help staff communicate concerns/issues.  The Senate is a staff advisory body to university leadership. Bargaining units negotiate on behalf of their members.  UC Staff Senate is not a bargaining unit.

Staff Senate was created to provide staff the opportunity to participate in the governance of UC. The Staff Senate was supported by President Pinto as one of his Next Lives Here campaign to commit to the success of the University of Cincinnati Staff. Staff Senators will be provided a “seat at the table” for various leadership groups including the Board of Trustees. Staff Senate will have the opportunity to contribute to various University initiatives.

Staff can self-nominate or be nominated for senate positions. Each year, Staff Senate will hold senate elections to fill vacant senate seats. There is 1 seat allocated for every 100 employees for each administrative area reporting to the president. To run for senate, nominees must have prior approval from their direct manager/supervisor.

Following the inaugural year, leadership positions will be opened to existing senate position holders. Senators can be self-nominated or be nominated for officer vacancies.

Yes, part-time employees are eligible to hold senate seats with approval from their supervisor.

The time commitment of senators will consist of a minimum of 5 annual meetings as well as ad-hoc committee meetings. As the senate is established the time commitment will become clearer. We estimate the hours spent may be 2-5 hours per month and will depend on the person’s role and level of involvement.

Yes, you can participate with approval of your supervisor. You will be required to participate while on the clock.

To run for senate, nominees must have prior approval from their direct manager/supervisor.

Please contact Tamie Grunow, VP of Human Resources at 513-558-1015.

Members changing from one area to another may continue to serve until the end of the fiscal year. If they wish to continue to serve as members, they must run for re-election within their new area.

Your position will become vacant and be open for the next election cycle.

Senators will serve staggered two (2) year terms beginning at the July staff senate meeting. A maximum of two consecutive terms (4 years) may be served. A one (1) year interval is necessary before being eligible to serve again.

Staff Senate’s website has suggestion box. To submit ideas or recommendations please visit If an item is brought to the attention of Staff Senate that is the prevue of another office, the item will be directed to the appropriate office.

The number of Staff Senate seats are determined by the number of staff employees in each VP Unit. Senators represent employees from these defined areas. Staff elect their senators based on nominations received from these designated areas. To ensure employees are represented be sure to nominate yourself and colleagues.

Yes staff senate meetings are open to the general public and we encourage attendance of staff members. Some meetings will be deemed executive session which would be closed to the general public.

Yes, there may be an opportunity to chair a committee as a senator.

You can email to submit agenda items or issue for discussion at staff senate. You may be asked to present your issue to the senate for clarification and discussion.

Please contact Tamie Grunow, VP of Human Resources at 513-558-1015.

Your supervisor must approve your participation on Staff Senate. Participation on staff senate is consider within the scope of normal duties as an employee of the university

You will be notified by email. You can accept or reject the nomination.