Faculty Senate

About Us


The University of Cincinnati Faculty Senate:

  • Considers matters affecting the university;
  • Counsels the President, Provost, and Board of Trustees;
  • Works with and for faculty; and
  • Acts upon those matters as necessary and on other pertinent matters relating to the mission and operations of the University.

        See: Ohio Revised Code 3361: 50-3-02


Monthly Meetings:

  • Faculty Senate meetings are open to the public and faculty, staff, students, and administrators are welcome to attend.
  • See dates to the right and watch for email announcements from Faculty Senate for more details.

For More Information and montly updates, all faculty have access to our Faculty Senate SharePoint site; more advanced access is provided for some pages for Faculty Senate representatives.


Dear Faculty,


Welcome to everyone coming back in continuing roles, taking on new roles, and to those of you who are new to Faculty Senate--thank you all for engaging with us in shared governance. Our University moves forward through a combined effort of all constituents at UC, and the right to shared governance reflects the important role faculty play in all matters of the University. 

Whether it is in your individual department considering curricular issues or working on a Faculty Senate Standing Committee to provide recommendations on how strategic initiatives are emodied, faculty voices and perspectives are crucial. Combining our talents, passions, and determination in supporting and promoting excellence in teaching, learning, and research through creative, innovative, and inclusive efforts in every unit at our University is what Faculty Senate seeks to help support and foster.

I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year. Please look for our emails for upcoming events and our elections for multiple ways to get involved. We encourage each of you to know your rights and responsibilities as faculty members and to actualize them in your program, school, or college level, and in the many opportunities at the university level--including Faculty Senate.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to learn more about how you, too, can be involved with Faculty Senate and how we might be able to assist you in your endeavors.

All the best,

Cynthia Nitz Ris (A&S / English)

Chair, UC Faculty and Faculty Senate (2018-2020)





Senate Meetings are generally on the second Thursday of every month. The following dates apply for 2019-20.

Faculty are also welcome to attend, and also to speak and engage the presenters, at the University meetings which focus on matters pertinent across the university.

Most meetings are from 3:30-5 p.m. in 400 B & C TUC (West Campus) unless otherwise noted.

September 12, 2019

October 17, 2019 (220 TUC)

October 31, 2019 (400 A, B, & C TUC) (2-4 p.m.) All-University Meeting

November 14, 2019 (with student government)

Bearcats Pantry Donation Drive Starts Today through Nov 27 with Staff Senate, and Graduate and Undergraduate Student Government Associations.

Cash Donations can be made at the UCFoundation/Bearcat Pantry page. Please  indicate the Faculty Senate & Affiliate November 2019 Drive.

For drop-off donations, especially needed items are:

  • Soup, chili, ravioli
    Pasta, rice, dry beans
    Granola bars
    Popcorn, crackers, rice cakes 

Locations are:

  • TUC 3rd floor atrium
  • Staff Success Center, 4th floor UHall (just inside their main offices)
  • Student Government offices, 6th floor Steger (outside Undergrad offices at 655 from Nov 14-20; outside Grad offices at 683 from Nov 21-27)

December 12, 2019

January 16, 2020

February 13, 2020 (at UCBA; room tbd)

March 12, 2020

April 9, 2020

April, 2019 (Great Hall, TUC) All-University Meeting--date and time tbd

April, 2019--Faculty Awards Ceremony  (Great Hall, TUC, 4-6 pm)--date tbd

May 14, 2020 (1225 Lindner Hall)

June 11, 2020 (location tbd)

July 9, 2020 (location tbd)

Picture of Faculty Senate Chair Cynthia Ris

Cynthia Nitz Ris, Faculty Chair


Faculty Senate Cabinet Roster (2019-2020)


Chair Cynthia Nitz Ris (A&S) cynthia.ris@uc.edu
Chair-Elect Greg Loving (UC Clermont)
Vice-Chair Dan Carl (CAHS) daniel.carl@uc.edu
Secretary Arlene Johnson (Libraries) arlene.johnson@uc.edu
Board of Trustee Representative
Marla Hall (A&S) marla.hall@uc.edu
Board of Trustee Representative
Melanie Kroger-Jarvis (CoN)
Parliamentarian Sheri Barksdale (UCBA) sheri.barksdale@uc.edu
Academic Affairs
Tamika Odum (UCBA) tamika.odum@uc.edu
Budget & Priorities
Amber Peplow (UCBA) amber.peplow@uc.edu
Committee on Committees Megan Lamkin (ELCE) megan.lamkin@uc.edu
Governance Rich Miller (CEAS) richard.miller@uc.edu
Human Relations Brian Metcalf (A&S) brian.metcalf@uc.edu
Information Technology Annu Prabhakar (CECH) annu.prabhakar@uc.edu
Planning Susan Boland (Libraries, Law)
Research & Scholarship Brad Wilson (CECH) bradley.wilson@uc.edu