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Convenience: No need to hit the ATM or stock the fridge. Just swipe your UC ID/Bearcat Card and eat. You can use your Bearcat Card dollars to eat at cafés and restaurants conveniently located throughout the uptown campus. Dine in or grab comfort food on the go. Get your caffeine buzz, indulge in baked goodies, and enjoy wireless internet access in any of these locations. Stop by one of our markets for snacks or toiletries.

Healthy Variety: You could probably survive on cereal and instant noodles, but a meal plan gives you access to a varied, nutritious, and hearty choices!

Savings: Eat out all the time? Order in every night? A meal plan lets you save money and keep your cash in your pocket.

The dining centers (CenterCourt, MarketPointe@Siddall, and StadiumView Cafe) accept meal plan swipes, as well as Bearcat Card and cash. Campus eateries, convenience stores, and vending accept the Bearcat Card and cash. Credit cards are accepted at most locations.

Why not stretch your dollar even further?

Whether you’re eating on campus every day or just a few times a week, you could be saving money with a meal plan. Choose the plan that offers the best value for your busy schedule.

If you run out of meals, you may purchase another plan that is a different size.

Please note that, although unused meals do not carry over from one term to the next, unspent Bearcat Card dollars do remain on your account. Purchase your meal plan now! Discover the plan that's right for you:

Residential Meal Plans

Residential Meal Plans

Plans that are designed for students living in residence halls.  Students that live off-campus are also eligible to purchase these plans.

Independent Meal Plans

Campus Dining Pass

Plans that have been created for non-residential students, upper-class residents, and faculty and staff to help take advantage of the convenience of the dining centers at a cost savings.

  Meal Plan FAQs:
When does my meal plan start? Your meal plan will be activated on the first day of the selected term or within 48 hours after your application is received, whichever is later.
Can I change my meal plan?

Students with Residential Meal Plans are eligible to change their meal plans up until the 5th day of class at the start of each term.  Change requests for the Campus Dining Pass are accepted up until the 1st day of meal plan service. 

The meal plan change form is now active for Spring and Summer 2017.

How do I pay for my plan? The most convenient option is to pay through your student bill.  The charge for your meal plan will be added to your student account and will be due at the same time as the rest of your tuition and fees. If you are using our online purchase site, you can also pay with a credit card or electronic check.
What type of plan do I have? The cashier will ask you "What plan do you have?" when you enter to swipe.  If you have the 186 block or a Campus Dining Pass, that falls under the category of "Block Plan."  The Unlimited plan is it's own category, so you just say "Unlimited."
Where can I use my plan? You can use your meal plan swipes at one of our three dining centers: MarketPointe@Siddall, CenterCourt and StadiumView Café. DAAP Café, Catskeller and Courtside Express also accept meal plan swipes. Use your Bearcat Card dollars at campus cafés and restaurants.
How does meal exchange at DAAP Café work? Students with a meal plan can use swipes for meal exchange items at DAAP Café (located in Aronoff Center), Catskeller (located in TUC on level 1), and Courtside Express (located in the MainStreet Passageway in the Campus Recreation Center) once per meal period (e.g., breakfast, lunch, & dinner).  Swipes are accepted as payment at DAAP Café until 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday and until 5 p.m. on Friday. Catskeller and Courtside Express accept meal swipes until 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and until 2 p.m. on Friday.
How does all-you-care-to-eat take-out at Stadium View Café work? Please visit StadiumView Café's page for more information.
Can I treat a friend on my plan?
Yes. The Unlimited meal plan allows you to treat up to 15 guests per semester.  Swipes from the 186 Block Plan and Campus Dining Pass plans can be used to treat guests.
How do I know how many meal swipes I have left? For Campus Dining Pass plans and the 186 Block plan, your remaining meal balance will display on the cashier register screen each time you swipe. You can also ask the cashier to check your meal plan balance.  The Unlimited meal plan will track remaining guest meals in the same manner.
What if my Bearcat Card dollars are low? Simply add to your account with cash, check, or credit card at the MainStreet Connection Center or with  your credit card at
What if I run out of meal swipes before the semester is over?

Students can purchase more than one Campus Dining Pass each term.  Just keep in mind that unused swipes do not carry over to the next semester.

Please note the second Campus Dining Pass plan purchased must be a different size plan than the first one. To purchase, go to Campus Dining Pass.

What if I have special dietary needs? Please contact us at 513-556-6461 or if you have a special dietary need that you would like to discuss with our staff.
What if I have more questions? Please call 513-556-6461 or email