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Public Records Requests

"The Rule in Ohio is that public records are the people's records, and that the officials in whose custody they happen to be are merely trustees for the people; therefore anyone may inspect such records at any time, subject only to the limitation that such inspection does not endanger the safety of the record, or unreasonably interfere with the discharge of the duties of the officer having custody of the same."

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Charles Zimmerman

State ex rel. Patterson v. Ayers, 171 Ohio St. 369, 371 (1960)

To view the University of Cincinnati Public Records Policy, please click here.  

The University of Cincinnati, as a public institution, is bound by the Ohio Public Records Act, which can be found in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 149.011(A). The Public Records Act applies only to public records, which the act defines as records kept by a public office. O.R.C. 149.43(A)(1). 

So what is a public record kept by a public office? 

A public record includes any record prepared, owned, used, or kept by a public entity, such as the University of Cincinnati, that relates to the public's business. Public records can include written documents, electronic files, photographs, and other methods of storing information.  

It is important to remember; however, that not all records kept by the University of Cincinnati are subject to disclosure. For example, records such as student education records, some types of faculty records, trade secrets, records related to ongoing litigation and any attorney-client privileged communications are all statutorily exempt from disclosure. 

For more information and a more comprehensive explanation of the Ohio Public Records Act, please visit the webpage of the Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost

Submission of Public Records Requests

Public records may be submitted via email to or you may mail your request to one of the following locations:

Public Records Manager

Office of General Counsel

University of Cincinnati

PO Box 210623

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0623


Public Records Manager

Office of General Counsel

University of Cincinnati

PO Box 210661

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0661