About Iran

A southwest Asian country, Iran is the home of the world's most ancient civilizations and empires. It is the birthplace of Zoroaster, Rumi, Khayam and Avesina and the seat of the Persian Empire, once the biggest royal kingdom on the surface of the earth, whose remnants are all over, from India throughout the Middle East.

From 600 BC until 1935, the country was referred to in the West as Persia. On March 21, 1935, the government (Reza Shah Pahlavi) issued a decree asking foreign delegates to use the native term Iran in formal correspondence. A dispute exists about the country's current official name. After Persian scholars' protested, Mohammad Reza Shah in 1959 announced both "Persia" and "Iran" could be used interchangeably. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution eventually led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini established a theocratic Islamic Republic. Iran retained its name and its political title was changed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran is a four season country with high mountains and arid regions. Eastern Iran is dominated by a high plateau, with large salt flats and vast sand dunes. The plateau is surrounded by even higher mountains, including the Zagros to the west and the Alborz to the north. Farming and settlement are largely concentrated in the narrow plains or valleys in the west or north, where there is more rainfall while to the southwest along the Persian Gulf lie Iran's huge oil reserves.

Oil and gas are the most important exports of Iran and the Persian carpet is its best known handcraft in the west. Also Iran is well-known due to the hospitality that wonderfully complements the land's rich culture and unique landscapes. There are many places that you can visit while in Iran: Isfahan the jewel of Iran's art and architecture, Shiraz, the cradle of the oldest empire and beauty of the south, Yazd a hidden pearl in the heart of Iran's central desert with its friendly people and Zoroastrian heritage … and the list goes on and on. You'll find each place in this land has its own distinct personality and offers its own mysteries and beauties for you to explore in your own way. We invite you to explore Iran, experience its uniqueness, immerse in its culture and we promise you will fully apprehend why we so much love this beautiful land that we call home!




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