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Group Grant Awards

Group Grant Awards were created to fund academic events/activities that are academically oriented with an emphasis on the research impact to the wider graduate student population.

In general, eligible events must be:

  • Free/equally available to the entire UC community.
  • For the furtherance of graduate student research/academics of all applicant GSA members.
  • Beneficial mainly to graduate students.
  • Not primarily be a fundraiser of any kind.

In the past, events such as Scholar speaker events, Journal publications, Poster competitions, Symposium/Conference have been supported, in part or in whole

Group travel to conferences, the purchase of products/subscriptions, and non-academic (fun/social) events will not be funded by the Group Grant Awards. Please consider the Group Budget Awards for such activities.

Please refer to the text below for a walkthrough on the Group Grant Award Application Procedure.

Pre-Application Instructions

Application Submission Instructions

Post Approval Instructions

For any questions or if you are unsure about award complainance, please contact the GSG Treasurer <>.