Honors Experiences

Students in Cincinnati Art & Architecture seminar

Students in the University Honors Program are required to complete five honors experiences. There are three types of honors experiences: seminars, pre-approved experiences, and self-designed projects.

Types of Honors Experiences

Honors Seminars

Three-credit hour, interdisciplinary courses designed by faculty to engage students in special topics. Open to honors students from all disciplines. We typically offer 4-6 seminars with study tours each falls and spring.

Pre-Approved Experiences

Co-curricular programs and opportunities approved by the University Honors Program that includes the requisite opportunities to engage in experiential learning, reflection, and integration of learning.

Self-Designed Experiences

individual projects proposed by students. Students take the responsibility to develop their own experiential learning opportunity from their own interests and goals. Students work with an advisor of their choice and find their own academic resources as a foundation to plan their experience and reflection process.