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Nationally Competitive Award Winners

2018 Barry Goldwater Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Andrew (Scottie) Emmert, a third-year Medical Sciences student at UC's College of Medicine, on being named a 2018 Goldwater Scholar. Emmert has worked at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the Goto/Mangano Lab, where he developed research methodologies using rat models of hydrocephalus. 

This scholarship was awarded to only 211 applicants out of the 1,280 undergraduates who applied. Honorees receive a $7,500 scholarship for tuition, fees, room and board, or books. Emmert intends to put this award towards medical and doctoral degrees in neuroscience, with the ultimate goal of developing new treatments for hydocephalus through neuroimaging and gene therapy.

Andrew Emmert

Andrew (Scottie) Emmert (lower center) with members of his research lab at CCHMC

2017 Barry Goldwater Scholarship Award

Madelyn Leembruggen was named a Goldwater Scholar for her research on dark matter. She is studying Physics and Astronomy within the College of Arts and Sciences and will graduate in 2018. Leembruggen plans to obtain her doctorate in theoretical cosmology.

“There I have learned how to interact with and teach students from diverse backgrounds, as well as how to mentor peers academically and professionally,” she said. “UC has provided me the amazing opportunity to pursue both passions simultaneously so I will be well-prepared for my future.”

Rickey Terrell is a CEAS student studying Chemical Engineering. He has worked on research projects through the Protege Undergraduate Research Program and plans to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Terrell hopes to further research technologies for fuel cell energy production in transportation technologies to improve the clean energy sector. 

“This excites me most because of the long-term impact it can have in energy and transportation applications,” he said. “If we can reduce the amount of platinum needed for a fuel cell, we can decrease the cost of the system and begin transitioning society to cleaner alternative energy solutions.”

Madelyn Lembruggen
Rickey Terrell

2017 Fulbright Scholarship Award

Mohamed Elzarka, a 2017 graduate of McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, received a Fulbright grant for research on a year-long mental health study in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was also the first ever University of Cincinnati student to be named as a Truman Scholar for his dedication to public service.

Elzarka earned degrees in Neurobiology and Liberal Arts, with a certificate in International Human Rights. He will receive a Master's of Public Health degree in 2018 and will then pursue a MD/PhD in either epidemiology or public health policy. 

Avery Maddox studied Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He has received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Vietnam, where he also plans to volunteer at local clinics before eventually attending medical school. 

Maddox previously served as a Teaching Assistant at Chongqing University in China and hopes to continue his international volunteer work through organizations like Doctors Without Borders. Along with teaching English, he plans to involve his Vietnamese students in activities such as a programming club and choir. 

Mohamed Elzarka
Avery Maddox

2017 Rhodes Scholar Finalist

Juliana Madzia, a 2017 A&S graduate, has conducted research on sexual health risks for African American women in high-prevalence HIV neighborhoods in Cincinnati. She studied Neurobiology with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and is currently working towards an MD/PhD in social epidemiology. 

Madzia was involved in various research projects during her undergraduate experience, as well as GlobeMed, peer tutoring, and Varsity Cross Country and Track. She was a 2017 Rhodes Scholar Finalist. 

Juliana Madzia

Published Scholars

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  • Bradley Gerhardt
  • Lauren Leesman
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  • Manoj Ambalavanan