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Workplace Accommodations

To Make an Accommodation Request

Questions regarding workplace accommodations should be directed to central Human Resources (HR) at 513-556-6381.

The central HR office coordinates reasonable accommodations for faculty and staff. A reasonable accommodation is a reasonable modification or adjustment to the work environment that enables a qualified person with a disability to perform the essential functions of his/her job. Reasonable accommodation is determined based on individual analysis in an interactive process.

To request a reasonable accommodation, an individual should self-disclose his/her request to central HR. This can be done, via phone (513-556-6381) or  by email to If an employee's disability and/or need for accommodation is not obvious and/or already known, Central HR will request that the employee provide supporting documentation of his/her disability as needed to implement the most appropriate accommodations strategies. A disability is obvious if it is clearly visible. A disability is already known if the employee has previously provided sufficient medical information to establish his/her disability.

In order to be eligible for consideration, individuals for whom documentation substantiating disability is not already on file will be asked to provide supporting documentation of their disability as needed to implement the most appropriate accommodation strategies.

The University of Cincinnati is committed to diversity and a campus culture of inclusion that is necessary for a rich learning and working environment and essential in preparing students to work, live and contribute to in an increasingly complex society and providing employees an accessible and inclusive workplace.

As part of this effort, the University is committed to the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities and continually improving the accessibility of our campus, programs and activities. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access will help guide the University's efforts to move beyond compliance and toward seamless access. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access collaborates with University offices, governmental agencies, and advocacy groups to inform decision-making and ensure University compliance with State and Federal mandates.

To accomplish this the Office is a referral point for information, services and resources; provides consultation on policy reviews and facilities planning; conducts workshops and training; serves as a clearing house for disability related complaints; and develops disability related initiatives.

Student Disability Services

Students with disabilities who need academic accommodations or other specialized services while attending UC will receive reasonable accommodations to meet their individual needs as well as advocacy assistance on disability-related issues. Please contact Student Disability Services for additional information and visit their web page at

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