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Choose Your Own Challenge

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Want something new to do with your team or on your own?  Choose Your Own Challenges give you a chance to set your own time frame and your own goals, all while earning Be Well UC points!  Additional challenge options will be added throughout the year.

Earn 10 points for each Choose Your Own Challenge, up to 50 points total.  Simply self-report your points in real-time once you complete a challenge! Log into the Alyfe portal, click “Log My Points” then “Choose Your Own Challenge”. Select the title of this challenge, enter the appropriate challenge code, and select “Finish”. Your 10 points will be visible immediately.

100 Thanks

Thanksgiving is not the only time to reflect about being thankful. Let’s remind ourselves and each other about how thankful we are.  This challenge invites you to say “thank you” 100 times within the next 30 days. It sounds a lot harder than it actually is. That is only saying “thank you” three times a day!

Practice thankfulness and gratitude this month with the 100 Thanks Challenge.

Cast Your Connection Reel

Achieving our personal and professional goals, growing, and performing to our fullest potential, being resilient, having a sense of belonging, connecting with others, finding joy – these are all innate parts of being human. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Employees who are engaged and feel invested in have better health outcomes, improved productivity and creativity, higher retention, fewer errors, and are happier. This allows workers to be their best selves and contribute positively to the workplace! 

Take time to reflect what your needs are and how you can connect with them over the 7 day Cast Your Connection Reel challenge.

Declutter Your Space and Mind

We're always looking for clarity and peace. By taking the time to minimize distractions, we are more likely to be productive and calm. Paying attention to your surroundings and participating in consistent introspection can allow you to be more in tune with what you need to do. Whether it takes 1 minute a day, or 10 minutes a day, decluttering can add value to your life by showing you what you're truly prioritizing or paying attention to.

For 5 days, choose 1 task and 1 reflection question.

Get started with the Declutter Your Space and Mind challenge.

Drink Up Hydration

Did you know the human body is made up of up to 60% of water?  Drinking water has several benefits from regulating body temperature to maintaining blood pressure.  Take the 14 day Drink Up challenge and track your water intrake.  Cross off one glass of water for every 8 ounce you drink each day.

Eat the Rainbow

The more colors you fit into your day, the more nutrients you’re consuming, which means you’re getting vitamins and minerals naturally. Check out this quick guide for easy tips for making a rainbow on your plate: There’s many ways to add flavor and fun to your garden produce:

Complete the Eat the Rainbow challenge for 1 week (or more!) to see which colors you may favor, and which you may want to try to work more in. If you complete more than one week, you can see your progress over time.

Escape the Elevator

Getting exercise throughout the day can be challenging. This challenge is meant to give you the motivation to work in movement throughout your day one step at a time. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is one way to improve our cardiovascular health. 

For 3 weeks, track how many times you took the stairs rather than the elevators. For an extra challenge, you can count how many stairs you climbed up and down, and calculate how many calories you burned. You will also at the end of the challenge write a short reflection to determine if you noticed any changes in your health and how you feel.

Download the Escape the Elevator challenge!

Kick a Habit

Habits are what our routines are centered around.  About 40% of our daily behaviors come from habits per Duke university.They can help us function day to day, like working on to do lists and taking care of loved ones.  Some can keep us from being our best selves and living our best lives.  This challenge will help break down the what, why and how of your habit, and help you start working on a plan to redirect them.  No matter where you are on your quit journey, whether it’s 2 weeks or 6 months, celebrate the small wins and turn in what you have. 

Channel your inner ninja and Kick a Habit!

Kitchen is Closed

Your meals may be on track with rounded options including proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, rotated through a perfectly planned schedule each week.  Or that could still be a work in progress. Either way, small changes in not only what we eat but also when we eat can have a big impact on our overall health, wellness, and ultimately, our waistline too!

If after dinner snacking is a regular activity in your house – consider closing the kitchen area once dinner is complete for this 2-week challenge! Simply shade in or color the shape for each night you avoided eating or drinking anything (other than water) after you finished your dinner. Help yourself out and truly turn off the lights and avoid the kitchen after dinner – you can do it! Let’s see if in just 14 days you can kick (or at least change) this habit for good!

Productivity and Playlists for Your Life

Do you ever feel like a week has gone by and you didn't get anything done on your to-do list? Between work, family and personal time, it's sometimes hard to find a way to accomplish those things you need to get done. 

Try out the Productivity Challenge! Pick out a few tips from the productivity table for 5 days to help jump start the habit of being productive. This will help you to slow down and focus on the tasks you want to do througout the week.

How often do you listen to music? Why not use it to boost good feelings and productivity? The effect that music has on our mood is astronomical and we want you to see those positive effects. The Playlists for Your Life Challenge is a way for you to choose your own music and to help you throughout various daily activities. 

Safety Bingo

Being safe can include proactively wearing sunscreen to cleaning out the medicine cabinet. It's good to be proactive and prepared for safety.  Use the Safety Bingo challenge to find ways to clean and make your family and home a safe one!

Being safe doesn't have to be a one person job. Get your loved ones involved by setting a goal to get bingo! Cross off each task that you get done until you get five in a row. 

Sleep More, Wake Up Well

Sleep is an important factor in our overall health and wellness.  When your body is not getting adequate rest, you will see changes in your ability to perform at work, you may struggle to keep up physically with the demands of the day, and you may have significant health impacts as well.  Taking time to evaluate your sleep habits as well as how you spend your time first thing in the morning can help you to identify areas to improve.

The Sleep More, Wake Up Well challenge will walk you through the process of evaluating your sleep over the course of a month - we hope you'll find it valuable and you are able to feel more rested and well!

Smartphone Detox

An APA study has found that 86% of people in the US report that they constantly or often check their phones, and constant checkers experience higher levels of stress. A Gallup poll found that most US smartphone users check their phone at least hourly. And, Business Insider shares the term “nomophobia” has been developed to describe those who feel panic, anxious or desperate when they don’t have access to their phone.

PopSugar and have widely shared the below 7-day challenge to get you to break common habits and addictions those with smartphones often share. If you’re up to it, keep track each day of your progress with  the Smartphone Detox Challenge and make notes of what may be hard to accomplish!