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Connect and Reflect

Research shows that despite being more connected via technology, we are finding ourselves disconnected from others with fewer opportunities to interact face to face.

The Staff Success Center and Be Well UC hope to help you develop personally and professionally as you learn, share and connect with colleagues over relevant and thought provoking content from articles, TED talks and books. Topics and themes may change – but the conversation will always be engaging, dynamic and foster community.

Connect and Reflect

How can I participate in Connect & Reflect?

  • We will continue to update this page to connect you with upcoming topics and resources. Here's an introductory handout explaining the new program.
  • Register for sessions using SuccessFactors Learning ( so we can reach out ahead of the session if needed to share additional resources and WebEx information should you choose to connect this way.
  • We recommend you try to follow a simple schedule such as:
    • Review material early in the month when topic is shared through the Be Well UC listserv or as found here on this website.
    • Consider the prompts given and be prepared to share your thoughts with the group.
    • Join the conversation at the scheduled meet-ups in the third and fourth week of the month.

2020 Quarter 2 Topics


  • Be Well UC: Finding Social Unity with Ourselves and Others
  • SSC: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers
    • April 16 12-1 p.m. online via Microsoft Teams, sign up through Success Factors to recieve link


  • Be Well UC: The Importance of Human Connection
  • SSC: Amazing Teams at Work: How to Be a Great Team Player
    • May 21 12-1 p.m. online via Microsoft Teams, sign up through Success Factors to recieve link


  • Be Well UC: Resilience in Times of Change
  • SSC: Why Collaborative Performance Management? 
    • June 18 12-1 p.m. online via Microsoft Teams, sign up through Success Factors to recieve link

What is Connect & Reflect?

We know you are busy, but we will make this worth your time.

Work takes up much of our time, making it difficult to meet individuals who share the same interests as you (where’s the playground?!). This new learning opportunity will borrow concepts from traditional book clubs and resource groups and initiate dialogue on a wide variety of topics that may interest you from both a professional and personal development perspective. Take time to talk about what you read, watched and learned, hopefully finding common ground and common interests. Then, continue to engage with colleagues you meet via Connect and Reflect.

What topics will be discussed?

  • Personal development sessions will include topics like building healthy habits, improving longevity, resilience or intuitively eating.
  • Professional development opportunities will include topics like personal accountability and design thinking which will help you work smarter.
  • Topics and resources can be recommended to the SSC & Be Well teams for future consideration.

What is the goal?

This new concept will aim to encourage a community of connection on campus. We hope to motivate you to participate as sessions based on topics appeal to you.  We also hope you’ll initiate your own meet ups with people you connect with from the groups for coffee or take turns inviting one another to on-campus opportunities and programs.


The Be Well UC and Staff Success Center teams are happy to help answer your questions.
Please send them directly to or