Free Antivirus

Due to changes in the license with our current vendor we are unable to offer the enterprise version of antivirus we offered in the past for student use.  We are in talks with the vendor and may be able to offer it in the future. In the mean time there are several free and paid antivirus solutions.

University owned devices use McAfee ePO for Antivirus protection. For more information please visit: 

Here are links to some of those solutions, but users should consult their device manufacter or system documentation for compatibility.  Also, users are advised to update the software frequently and perform virus/maleware scans often to further ensure your computer is protected. The vendors below offer both free and premium versions of their software not all features are free.


Windows OS

See recommendations at

Some third-party software is also available:



See recommendations at

Some third-party software is also available:


Whichever application you choose, understand that none of them can completely safeguard your data. It’s up to you to keep your system protected by being wary of any suspicious emails or downloads. Also, routinely backup your data!



ResNet offers IT support for students, faculty, and staff (for non-departmental devices). ResNet will provide software support at no charge, which includes installation of software (AntiVirus) and removal of viruses and malware. 

ResNet Website:



535 Steger Student Life Center

103 Kowalewski Hall


If you have any questions about the software, please contact the UC Service Desk at 513-556-HELP(4357).