Applications and Operating Systems Reaching End of Service

University policy requires that information systems be maintained to protect against vulnerabilities. Systems that reach End of Service (EOS) will not receive security or non-security updates from the vendor, typically resulting in catastrophic vulnerabilities within a short period of time. 


The lists below provide information related to Microsoft applications and operating systems reaching End of Service in 2019 and 2020. These EOS products will require appropriate planning to upgrade or decommission systems prior to these dates.

2019 EOS Products

Several popular operating systems will reach EOS in the near future, including:

SQL Server 2008 (7/9/19), Windows 7 (1/14/20) and Windows Server 2008 (1/14/20). Additional information is provided below.


2020 EOS Microsoft Products


Apple EOS products

Apple does not publish a list of EOS MacOS versions. In the past Apple has provided security updates for the current release of macOS and the previous two releases. As of 3/14/2019 the most recent MacOS version is Mojave 10.14.


Apple Device End of Life:


Major Enterprise Linux Distributions


Please contact the UC Office of Information Security with any questions or concerns.