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Event Sponsorship

student at an event

UC International invites UC internationally-focused student organizations to outline and submit a proposal for an opportunity to receive funding for campus events that support international students at UC.      

UC International will fund the event, but will not provide on-site event support. The student organizations are required to host the proposed event. They must organize all logistics before, during, and after the event to secure a successful event experience for UC international students.


The event has to meet the following basic criteria:

  • The event must take place on campus
  • Event must be hosted by a partnership of at least two international student organizations
  • The event must be open to the general student population, not just students within the hosting group
  • Event hosts must propose a creative way to get domestic students to attend the event
  • Request for funding must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the anticipated event date
  • Funding requests must not exceed $3,000 USD per event
  • The expected attendance for each event must be more than 250 people
  • UC International must be identified as a sponsor of the event
  • Funds cannot be used for alcohol, fundraising money, or anything that might be in violation of university policies
  • UC International will not sign contracts for the event

For any questions, please contact Lorri Blanton at

1. Submit an Event Funding Proposal Form.

UC International cannot accept every proposal; therefore, funding is not guaranteed. Once you submit a proposal:

  • The budget committee will review your proposal and contact you to discuss your budget and event in detail.
  • Final decisions will be made and you will be notified about the funding amount.
  • Keep in mind that UC International cannot sign contracts for your event.

2. Agree to UC International's sponsorship requirements.

  • Only post and circulate promotional material that has been approved by UC International.
  • Keep all receipts to submit for proof of money spent.
  • Track attendance at the event.
  • Write a summary of the event.

Failure to meet these requirements will make your group ineligible for future funding for one year.

3. Market your event and purchase needed items.

  • UC International can help you plan and market this event.
  • UC International will work closely with the student organizations to discuss the process of payment for the items needed for the event.
  • This process will be outlined with the student organizations upon confirmation of the proposal request.
  • UC International will not sign contracts for your event.

4. After your event: