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The IPALs are UC International’s student presence on campus. We are a student group consisting of international and domestic students at UC that assist the international student population with acculturation in America. Through events, workshops, and meet-ups, students have a chance to make new friends, learn about life at UC, and share their culture with one another. IPALs typically are interested in travel, meeting people from other countries, and learning about international issues from people who are different than them.


Have questions about your life at UC?

The IPALs are here to assist! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our meetings and events.

IPALs are at all the UC International events so you will always be able to find a friendly face! 


Interested becoming an IPAL?

Both domestic and international students are encouraged to apply; ask us about our recruitment process or have your email added to our recruitment update listserv.