IPALs (International Partners and Leaders) are a group of UC students, American and international, who meet to share their cultures, make friends, and help other international students feel welcome in their new home of Cincinnati.

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The IPALs are here to assist!
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IPALs also plan really fun events, and all international students and scholars are welcome to join us! Some of our events have included:

  • Soccer tournaments and FIFA tournaments
  • A shopping trip to Jungle Jim's: an international grocery store
  • An American football viewing party, so you can learn about America's favorite sport
  • Game nights with international and domestic students

And many, many more! Check out the events tab to see our upcoming calendar of events. We hope you'll join us soon!



Adam Trontz
Home: Lexington, KY
Major: PhD in Chemical Engineering

A continuous exposure to a multicultural world is a benefit to all. I am an IPAL to give back and help students feel welcome here—I want to make it feel like an inviting atmosphere to learn, share, and make friends along the way.


Anni Liu
Home: China
Major: Finance

I want to make more American friends, as well as international friends, hang out with them, and talk to them. 

Aratrika Pan

Aratrika Pan
Home: Tokyo, Japan and Kolkata, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Interests: traveling, sports, music, learning

I am an IPAL because I understand the challenges that students face when adapting to a new environment. I am here to facilitate their transition, create an inviting and homey environment for them, and enrich my cultural knowledge.


Arham Ali
Home: New Delhi, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I am an IPAL because I know how overwhelming it can be when you are in a new place. Also it is good to meet new people and know their culture.


Ben Magana
Home: Cincinnati, OH (Mexican American)
Major: Marketing

I became an IPAL because diverse communities are the best communities.

Christian Charles

Christian Charles
Home: Haiti
Major: Computer Engineering

Interests/Activities: Handball Club, Department of Engineering Technology Tribunal

I joined the Ipals as I love to learn about new cultures and  how people vary from country to country.



Dylan Stannard
Home: Fayette, OH
Major: Business Economics

 I enjoy learning about other cultures and meeting new people. My goal as an IPAL is to make all international students feel welcome and at home here at UC.

Daniel Dolzhansky
Home: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Information Systems

As a first-generation American, being an IPAL is a great to way to enhance your multicultural life! 

Garrett Ainsworth
Home: Independence, KY
Major: Business Economics & Finance

I joined IPALs to help international students, make new friends, and learn about what else the world has to offer outside of the US.


Grace Lillie
Home: Geneva, OH
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I'm an IPAL because I love learning about different cultures, helping people, and making new friends.

Halle Morel
Home: Cleveland, OH
Major: International Affairs

I joined IPALS because I knew it would be an awesome experience and a way to meet and get to know international students!

Hien Nguyen
Home: Vietnam
Major: Electronic Media Technology & IT Cyber Security

I'm an IPAL because I have been involved with UC International since my freshman year in college, and I love to hangout and meet new people.


Hoa Nguyen
Home: Vietnam
Major: Electronic Media & IT Cyber Security

As an international student myself, I joined the IPALS to help other international students adapt to the new environment and culture that is way far different from their home. 

 Jackie Oney

Jackie Oney
Home: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Marketing

 I became an IPAL because I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and learning about different cultures.  Some of my favorite memories from my time spent at UC have been with the IPALs and other international students. I have made life-long friends from all around the world which is so amazing!

Kennedy Gennari

Kennedy Gennari
Home: Sandusky, OH
Major: Electronic Media and Marketing

Interests/Activities: playing sports, running, writing, and cheering on the Bearcats!

I’m an IPAL to learn from all the amazing international students at our university and to show them what it means to be a Bearcat.


Kirsty Rae
Home: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Interests/Activities: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, University Honors Program, traveling, yoga

I am an IPAL because I want to help the international community feel at home at UC. I am so excited to meet new people and learn all about their countries and cultures! 

Kyle Koblitz
Home: Highland Heights, KY
Major: Marketing &
International Business

I am an IPAL to connect with students from around the world and incorporate their viewpoints into my own.

Maddie Landon

Maddie Landon
Home: Amelia, OH
Major: Urban Planning, Minor: Economics

Interests/Activities: Reading, eating any type of sandwiches, hiking, and kayaking

The help and friendship I was given when studying abroad made me want to make sure every student at UC had the same awesome experience I had!


Maneesha Pothuraju

Maneesha Pothuraju
Home: India
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Interests/Activities: Trying new things and traveling

 I became an IPAL because I'd like to help the transition of new international students to Cincinnati be as smooth as possible with all the experience I have. 


 Mohammad Sarim
Home: New Delhi, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I joined IPALs because it’s a wonderful experience to meet international students from all around the world. I am always excited to talk to new people and help them adjust to a culture which is different from theirs.


Nasra AL Yaarubi

Nasra AL Yaarubi
Home: Muscat, Oman
Major: Finance, Minor: International Business

Interests/Activities: Figure skating, speaks 5 languages (English, Arabic, Swahili, French, and Hindi)

I'm an IPAL because I had a great experience as an international student with IPALs, and I love to work with people from different cultures. 



Olivia Savage
Home: Powell, OH
Major: International Affairs & Anthropology

Interests and Activities: Outdoors, camping, running, road trips

I am an IPAL because I want to learn about all of the people of the world! When you meet someone who grew up on the opposite side of the earth, you start to see the world in new ways. 


Ruoqi "Ricki" Song
Home: China
Major: Finance & Mathematics

I joined IPALS because I got help from IPALS at the orientation, so I want to be an IPAL to help other new students like me. Also I want to meet more friends and have fun with them.


Sri Mangu
Home: India
Major: Material Science (grad)

I am an IPAL because WHY NOT?! *Fireworks in the background.* The first thing I was looking for before I came to UC was a club/association whose primary motive is to help the students in some way, and no wonder IPALs were on the top of that list!


 Tianyang Zhao
Home: Kunming, Yunnan, China
Major: Information Systems & International Business

IPALs is a big family for international students, and I love to hang with my fams.


Tosha Bapat
Home: India
Major: Mechanical Engineering (Undergrad)

I am an IPAL to help and support international students who want to do more in college than just go to class.

Usman Mohammed

Usman Mohammed
Home: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering 

I am an IPAL because I love making new friends, and I learn something new every time I go to IPALs lounge. I am looking forward to helping international students during their transition to a new place and a new culture.  


Zara Ahmed
Home: Cincinnati, OH 
Major: Biomedical Sciences

I am an IPAL because I want to help bridge the gap between international and domestic students and make an inclusive space for all students to feel welcome at UC. 

Zoe Lee
Home: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Interests/Activities: Astronomy Club, Engineers Without Borders, Anime Club, philosophy

I joined IPALs because I have a passion for learning about and teaching different cultures, as I have previously done international cultural initiatives, and I also want to make international students feel at home here at UC. 


 Zonggui, Li
Home: China
Major: Finance

I like to help international students who would like to know about UC and China. And I also like to know different cultures and make a lot of friends.

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