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Health & Insurance

UC Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to carry the University Student Health Insurance policy unless they can prove coverage equal to or greater than the University policy. Foreign-based policies WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Insurance fees will be included on your tuition bill as soon as you are registered. Students are responsible for paying this fee each semester they are registered. Check the Student Health Insurance website for information on current fees.

  • Undergraduate students must be registered for at least six credit hours and/or Co-op to be eligible.
  • Graduate students registered for less than six credit hours are eligible to enroll for coverage provided they are registered for one graduate credit hour each semester they desire coverage (the graduate credit hour must be toward their degree and they must be matriculated into a program).  They must submit an official SHI Enrollment Form for each semester they desire coverage but before the semester deadline.
  • Summer coverage is free for students who pay during Spring Semester.

If at any time while registered for classes, international students change their F or J Visa status, register for classes from outside the United States, or transfer to another institution, they must contact the UC Student Health Insurance Office immediately. Failure to do so will result in their responsibility to reimburse the University for the student health insurance premium.

To learn more about student health insurance, visit the Student Health Insurance Department's website.


Waiving Student Health Insurance

Students who are currently enrolled in a health insurance plans that are equal to or better than the UC Student Health Insurance Plan may waive UC Student Health Insurance by submitting an online waiver by the deadline. Check the Student Health Insurance Department website for information on upcoming deadlines.

All waivers must be received by the deadline. Students are encouraged to carefully review their policies with their parents or partners if they are covered under someone else's insurance.  

Health Insurance Requirements

All international visitors, whether studying, working, or collaborating on activities with the University of Cincinnati, are required to have health insurance coverage while in the U.S.

F-1 students and J-1 exchange visitors have university and/or Department of State requirements for health insurance coverage that must be met. All other visitors are subject to coverage based on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act - ACA). It is your responsibility to understand your health insurance requirements and comply accordingly. This information will help you understand the requirements and provide options that can be pursued.

UC Student Health Insurance

All students registered for co-op, and/or for six or more credit hours are eligible for coverage and will be automatically charged for student health insurance unless they have previously waived coverage during the current academic year. To learn more about student health insurance, visit the corresponding tab.

Other Health Insurance Plans

  • T.W. Lord & Associates
    Toll Free: 1-800-633-2360
    Tel: 1-770-427-2461
    Fax: 1-770-429-0638
    25 Dodd Street
    P.O. Box 1185
    Marietta, GA 30061




University Health Services

If you have a health question or problem, you will want to go to University Health Service (UHS) on the 3rd floor of the Richard E. Lindner Center or call the office at 513-556-2564.

From sore throats to sprained ankles, University physicians are there for you. You can receive personalized attention at University Health Services. Services provided include primary care services, women’s health, dermatology, mental health services, preventative health care, health education, and wellness promotion. Additional special services include a pharmacy, x-ray, and laboratory services.

University Health Services is open daily during the week for your convenience. Appointments are required. There is also a doctor “on call” 24 hours a day to advise you, should you have an emergency when the Campus Health Center is closed.

Lindner Center