Most forms that you will need to fill out are available on our iBearcatsGlobal database. You will have to enter your UC username and password to get to the iBearcatsGlobal homepage. After that, you will see an overview of your iBearcatsGlobal record, including any alerts that may need to be addressed, SEVIS program information, and any notes that have been put on your record by a UC International Services Advisor.

To submit an eForm request, you will:

  • login to iBearcatsGlobal
  • click on the link for your visa type 
  • select the e-form you wish to submit
  • follow the instructions in the eForm
  • upload any required documents to iBearcatsGlobal


Types of e-Form Requests

All requests for processing of visitor benefits should be submitted to UC International Services using our e-forms. Newly admitted students should use the Orientation e-form to inform us of your arrival plans. In addition, currently enrolled students can use iBearcatsGlobal to update their biographical information, emergency contacts, local U.S. address and permanent overseas address. iBearcatsGlobal can also be used sign up as a PEER advisor, use our CINTAX tax assistance, etc. 

Other requests include the following:

  • Certification Letter
  • Change in Degree Level
  • Change in Major
  • Curricular Practical Training
  • Departure from U.S. Permanently
  • Dependent I-20 / DS-2019
  • I-20 / DS-2019 Extension
  • Invitation Letter
  • Reduced Course Load (Academic Reasons)
  • Replace a Lost I-20
  • Reduced Course Load for Medical Reasons
  • School Transfer
  • Signature on I-20 / DS-2019 for Travel
  • Tax Analysis Form
  • Absent from U.S. During Current Quarter