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Student Telephone Interviewers

The IPR employs a large, professionally-trained interviewing staff. IPR interviews are conducted in a supervised, centrally located 30-station facility using a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system.

The Institute for Policy Research provides its interviewers with the opportunity to enhance their educational experience at UC by learning first hand about the research process. During their tenure at the IPR, interviewers work closely with IPR professional staff on individual projects and are exposed to multiple survey research methods. IPR interviewers, through on-the-job training, learn the importance of professional survey administration to the accuracy of data, and the central role that the data collection effort plays in achieving valid and replicable research outcomes. The IPR also trains its interviewers to be good ambassadors of the University of Cincinnati, and their communication with people from a diverse array of backgrounds enhances their educational experience at UC.

Last year, the IPR employed a total of 130 students and intermittent employees as interviewers and interviewer supervisors. A majority of Student Survey Research Interviewers stay with the Institute throughout their entire college career. Students are employed from a wide variety of UC colleges, such as: College of Business Administration, College-Conservatory of Music, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, School of Social Work and University College. Our employees are pursuing degrees in a broad range of fields as well, including: Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, Finance, International Affairs, Music History, Political Science and Psychology.