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The Ohio Poll

The Ohio Poll is a well–known, regularly scheduled telephone survey of 800 adult residents of the State of Ohio. The Ohio Poll is sponsored by the University of Cincinnati. If interested, we encourage you to sign up to receive, on a semiannual basis, notification of Ohio Poll Press Releases.  You can sign up by emailing us with "sign-up for Ohio Poll" in the subject line.

Ohio Poll Public Polling (Press Releases) 
Since its inception in 1981, The Ohio Poll has provided a wealth of information about the Ohio public's attitudes on issues facing the state and nation. The Ohio Poll is also well known for the accuracy of its pre-election projections; since 1994 The Ohio Poll has projected Election Day winners in 34 of 34 statewide contests polled.  

Ohio Poll Research Services 
The Ohio Poll is also offered as a research service to state governmental agencies, universities and affiliated groups. The Ohio Poll provides this unique research tool to gain research information agencies may need. This valuable research service allows agencies to monitor public opinion, to measure public awareness or to identify Ohioans’ priorities for various public services. 

For more information, please contact:

Eric Rademacher, Ph.D., 
(513) 556-3304

Kimberly Downing, Ph.D.,
(513) 556-5082