Spring 2006, 34.1


Book Reviews

Amy A. Childers Voice as Process, by Lizbeth A. Bryant 
Jessica Enoch Archives of Instruction: Nineteenth-Century Rhetorics, Readers, and Composition Books in the United States, by Jean Ferguson Carr, Stephen L. Carr, and Lucille Schultz 
Nancy Myers Situating Composition: Composition Studies and the Politics of Location, by Lisa Ede 
Carol Rutz The Outcomes Book, edited by Susanmarie Harrington, Keith Rhodes, Ruth Overman Fischer, and Rita Malenczyk 
Eliot Rendleman Computers and Writing: The Cyborg Era, by James A. Inman 
Timothy Barnett Multiple Genres, Multiple Voices: Teaching Argument in Composition and Literature, by Cheryl L. Johnson and Jayne A. Moneysmith 
Lee Nickoson-Massey Coming to Terms: A Theory of Writing Assessment, by Patricia Lynne 
Chris Warnick Tactics of Hope: The Public Turn in English Composition, by Paula Mathieu 
Paul Peterson The Profession of English in the Two-Year College, edited by Mark Reynolds and Sylvia Holladay-Hicks 
Mark Noe The Function of Theory in Composition Studies, by Raúl Sánchez 
Barbara L'Eplattenier Vote and Voice: Women's Organizations and Political Literacy, 1915-1930, by Wendy B. Sharer 
Amy Robillard Personally Speaking: Experience as Evidence in Academic Discourse, by Candace Spigelman 


Online Exclusive

Malkiel Choseed The Hope and the Legacy: The Past, Present and Future of "Students' Right to Their Own Language," edited by Patrick Bruch and Richard Marback 
Michelle Satterlee Writing Environments, edited by Sidney Dobrin and Christopher Keller
Rebecca Sailor Latino/a Discourses: On Language, Identity, and Literacy Education, edited by Michelle Hall Kells, Valerie Balester, and Victor Villanueva
Michael Charlton Genre Across the Curriculum, edited by Anne Herrington and Charles Moran
Subarna Banerjee Second Language Writing Research: Perspectives on the Process of Knowledge Construction, edited by Paul Kei Matsuda and Tony Silva
Lisa Mastrangelo Radical Feminism, Writing, and Critical Agency: from Manifesto to Modem, by Jacqueline Rhodes
Patti Hanlon Self-Development and College Writing, by Nick Tingle


Abstracts for Composition Studies 34.1

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Brauer, David. “Writing Between Two Worlds: Science and Discourses of Commitment in the Composition Classroom.” Composition Studies 34.1 (2006): 71-93.

Barnard, Ian. “Anti-Ethnography?” Composition Studies 34.1 (2006): 95-107.