Ally Training Curriculum Series

Ally Training

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Ally Training seeks to increase the visible presence of students, staff, and faculty who can help shape a campus culture that is accepting of all people regardless of sexuality, gender identification/expression, or any other difference. Training topics and exercises include: becoming comfortable discussing sexuality and gender identifications, the importance of inclusive language, creating safe spaces, and how to be an ally for LGBTQ social justice and equality.

Advocate Training





Advocate training builds upon the knowledge participants gained in Ally Training. While Advocate training seeks to deepen participant’s knowledge around the issues and needs of the LGBTQ community, it is designed to be even more interactive.  LGBTQ Advocate training builds its curriculum around community dialogue and collaboration and is designed to give participants both the knowledge and, more importantly skills, to act as an advocate for LGBTQ students, staff and faculty. Certification is two-fold, attending training and a post-training requirement.

Activist Training




LGBTQ Activist training is a fully intersectional LGBTQ training designed to assist participants in understanding the roots of oppression, and provide training in social activism to enable participants to stand up for justice, equity, and equality in the LGBTQ Community. The training is designed to provide participants the skills they need to effectively create change.  Using an experiential approach, the training provides the practical tools and insights that participants can use for growth, transformation, and empowerment, and to create a ripple effect across the UC community.