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Parking Services

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Campus Services Marketing  

To apply: Summer 2019 Part-Time Marketing Assistant

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Campus Recreation Center

Student staff, including Member Services Staff, Climbing Wall Specialists, Fitness Floor Coordinators, and Lifeguards are hired at the Campus Recreation Spring Job Fair. Find out more on the Campus Recreation Job Fair web page.

Conference and Event Services

Larry Elsasser Memorial Scholarship

Larry standing in front of TUC

Why Larry Elsasser?

A well-known Bearcat alum, Larry Elsasser, Ed ’65, MEd ’73, served as a UC employee for 35 years. For most of those years, Larry served as the director of Tangeman University Center.

In 1961, Elsasser was recruited to play baseball and basketball. Although baseball was his passion, he had a memorable basketball career, playing guard when UC defeated Ohio State in 1962 for the NCAA championship. After graduation, he played professional baseball for the Kansas City Athletics, the forerunner to the Oakland A’s. He later became a Cincinnati Public school teacher, then a math teacher at Raymond Walters College, where he also worked as assistant director of the Campus Center. In 1970, he transferred to the Uptown Campus as assistant director of Tangeman University Center, where he became director in 1976. Larry retired in 2005.

Larry’s commitment to the university and to the students at UC was always professional and enthusiastic. With Larry’s passing in 2010, his colleagues and friends at the university established a scholarship in his name to recognize UC students, who also serve the university as student employees.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Kelly, Anthony, and Ethan

For the first time, there are three winners of this year’s Larry Elsasser Memorial scholarship. Our winners, Kelly HigginsAnthony Crawford, and Ethan Bastian, each were awarded $1,000 for the 2019 Spring Semester. Kelly and Anthony are both TAs and Ethan is a student worker at Parking Services.  


Alexus Curry

Alexus Curry
Student Housing Assistant,
Housing & Food Services

“My experience working for the University of Cincinnati Housing and Food Services has been one of the most exceptional, encouraging, and pleasurable job experiences I have ever had. Thousands of first year students apply for housing every year and it has been an honor to have such a huge role in their first year experience. Working for this office has given me the opportunity to help with the transition from high school to UC a smooth process by easing nervous parents and calming anxious students. I have met/worked with so many wonderful people and I wouldn't want to work for any other department here at UC."

Corey Perfetta

Cory Perfetta
Student Sales Associate,
UC Bookstores

“I love working at the University of Cincinnati Bookstores. It is a wonderful atmosphere with supportive management!"

Bailey Discepoli

Bailey Discepoli
Desk Assistant, Residence Life

“You get to pick the hours you work at the beginning of each semester after you get all your class times, so no worries with work conflicting with school. The biggest perk for me was definitely living in the building I work in. Even if you don't live in the same building you work in, your job will be on campus, so you don't have to deal with the hassle of driving far to get to work.”

Makayla Boyd

Makayla Boyd
Call Center Assistant,

Parking Services

"I like working in the call center because I get to help people and meet other students who I wouldn't normally see on campus.  I also have people who I know will support me if I am having a rough day. In parking services you can meet a lot of people and make many new friends. Parking services is also very inclusive and has a diverse staff. "

Ash Aasrith

Ash Aasrith
Student Ambassador,
PNC Bank

"I had a great opportunity working at PNC as a Student Ambassador during the Summer of 2016 and I had an amazing experience. It opened me up to the banking world, gave me a chance to meet extraordinary new people and work with fellow UC students.

The 4 month period taught me a lot about customer service, personal finance, banking and consumer psychology. If you are a finance student, go for it. Even if not, go for it!  You’ll learn a lot!"

Samantha Hissett

Samantha Hissett
Student Marketing Assistant,
Campus Services Marketing

“Working as a part of the Campus Services Marketing team at UC has provided me with the strongest foundation on which to grow, both professionally and personally. During my four semesters as a part of the team, I was encouraged to take on a wide breadth of projects, ranging from social media and website management to copy writing and analytic reports. The staff at Campus Services Marketing is second-to-none, constantly making themselves available to help and support me in whatever way possible. The real-world experience I gained and skills I developed as a part of the Campus Services team continues to benefit me to this day, and I couldn't think of a better place to work during my time in college."

Hanna Sorensen and Tyneshia Daniel

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Two first-generation UC students, Hanna Sorensen and Tyneshia Daniel, received the annual Larry Elsasser Memorial Scholarship; each was awarded $1,000 for the 2018 Spring Semester. Hanna works as a Resident Advisor and Tyneshia works for Student Activities and Leadership Development.

Alyssa Albek and Kelsie Gerard

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Albek, a Learning Community Peer Leader in the First Year Experience, and Kelsie Gerard, with The Cincinnati Project were awarded the fourth annual Larry Elsasser Memorial Scholarship award for the 2017 spring semester.

Veronica Boyd and Colin Barge

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Veronica Boyd and Colin Barge received the annual Larry Elsasser Memorial Scholarship. They were each awarded $1,000 for the 2015 spring semester. Veronica works in the UC gecko lab and Colin works at the Mainstreet Connection Center.