Where to Study in Tangeman University Center

At the heart of MainStreet are a variety of places to focus on your school work, whether you want to study with a group or find a comfy chair in TUC. And in good weather, this award-winning pedestrian campus has beautiful places to sit and study such as the MainStreet steps beside SSLC and below Bearcat Plaza, nd there's always Nippert Stadium!

Of course, the UC Libraries are always a good place to study, especially when there's a Starbuck's just inside the entrance.

level 4 hall

Level 4 quiet hallway

seating on level 4

Level 4 study space

On-Demand Meeting Rooms

Does Your Group:

  • Need a space to study or work on a small group project?
  • Have a limited amount of time to meet?
  • Not want to roam around the library for 30 minutes searching for an open space?  

Then visit the Event Services desk in TUC!

Please note that On Demand rooms can only be requested at the time of intended use and cannot be reserved in advance.

TUC Foodcourt

Food Court on Level 2