Personalized UC News newsletter coming soon

Starting Jan. 20, UC employees will get their news content their way

Faculty and staff at the University of Cincinnati can take advantage of the power of personalization when it comes to their UC News newsletter starting Jan. 20.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all newsletter arriving in inboxes every Wednesday morning,  employees will soon have the opportunity to self-select the topics they wish to see, on a schedule of their choosing and in the format that they prefer. Much like Netflix or Spotify, the more innovative newsletter experience will be uniquely relevant to each reader based on their interests.

What does this mean?

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, all faculty and staff will receive an email invite to personalize their newsletter. The entire process takes only a few clicks and less than two minutes. For example, you can choose to prioritize content about any UC college alongside your favorite topics — from arts and culture to science and technology to athletics and more. There will be plenty of ways to customize and even exclude content that does not interest you. 

You can also choose if you want the content to arrive daily, weekly or every two weeks — plus what day and even what time it arrives.

The personalization options allow you to choose from three different design styles for your newsletter and have it translated into one of more than 100 languages, all of which you can adjust later if your preferences change.

“We recognize that everyone in the UC community has specific goals, challenges and interests,” says Nicola Ziady, chief marketing officer for UC’s Marketing + Communications division. “Our team produces hundreds of varied news stories throughout the year, and we think a personalized content delivery strategy will make our storytelling uniquely meaningful and of even more value to each of our readers.”

Engineering student works with a 3D printer at the University of Cincinnati.

A College of Engineering student works with a 3D printer. Photo/Andrew Higley/Creative + Brand

… a personalized content delivery strategy will make our storytelling uniquely meaningful and of even more value to each of our readers.

Nicola Ziady Chief Marketing Officer at UC

Ziady says the personalized email newsletter option will begin with faculty and staff, then extend to all students and eventually will be offered to the entire university community.

Featured image at top: DAAP students work in a rapid prototype lab on campus. Photo/Lisa Ventre/Creative + Brand

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