Looking for a cost-effective way to train your up-and-coming leaders?

Goering Center’s 2021 Leadership Development Institute is enrolling now

Since joining forces with Leadership Excelleration 17 years ago, the Goering Center has “graduated” more than 500 up-and-coming and seasoned leaders into the family and private business community for Greater Cincinnati.

There are 62 openings for the Goering Center’s LDI annually. Most years, there is a waiting list. Those who take too long to commit are often closed out and have to wait an entire year to try again. Each year, they do.

So, what makes our leadership program so valuable and sought-after? How do we differ from other leadership programs in the market?

Diverse participation

Every March we welcome an eager new class into our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) — a mix of new and potential leaders along with seasoned but evergreen owners, presidents and CEOs who are committed to continuous development.

This mix of tested experience and fresh perspectives energizes and inspires participants while forming strong bonds across family and private businesses in our region. 

From the individual to the whole

Emotional intelligence has been an increasingly significant topic in the business world and is the key focus of LDI. The LDI curriculum is designed to start with the individual – understanding and leadership of self – before progressing to leading other individuals, leading teams and leading businesses.

Actionable teachings

Each session provides participants with all manner of learning opportunities and formats, including:

  • Individual reading and worksheets
  • Group discussions and exercises
  • Videos

Participants will sit, stand, read, share, discuss, build connection and relationships, and ultimately learn in dynamic fashion, taking with them tools and templates to immediately implement back at work.

Ask Verst Logistics

Paul Verst is the CEO of Verst Logistics, a 3PL service provider to top global brands. The company was founded by Paul’s father in 1966 and today, his son, Chris Verst, and nephew, Kyle Stadtmiller, are being groomed to carry on the family business.

In their early thirties, both have earned the right to be called high-performers in their respective roles. Paul is doing a great job exposing them to the many functions within the company, and both are being mentored by Verst’s leadership team.

“The biggest benefit that I took away from the class was understanding how I am wired as a leader so that I can be conscious of the positives and negatives that come with it,” Kyle says.

Chris shares, “It was very satisfying for me to know I had the confidence of my dad and the leadership team to put us in this environment and give us the tools we need to continue moving up in the company and hopefully someday lead it."

Timing and Commitment

Diane Egbers, founder and president of Leadership Excelleration, says that the right time to take the Leadership Development Institute is when you are serious about growing as a leader. “Sometimes you may already be managing a team and you are seeing what is working and what is not. Other times, you know you are about to step up into a new, more challenging leadership role,” she explains.

The Goering Center’s Leadership Development Institute will kick off March 10, 2021. You can learn more and register here to be among the 62 participants in 2021.

Nicole Menkhaus is marketing director for the Goering Center. Reach Nicole at nicole.menkhaus@uc.edu or call directly at 513-556-7401.

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