Over 100 Mental Health Champions graduated this spring

On April 15, 2021, these faculty and staff attended a virtual recognition ceremony

On April 15, 2021, over 100 faculty and staff across the University of Cincinnati graduated to become official Mental Health Champions, a now Healthy UC initiative. These dedicated colleagues successfully completed three trainings focused on creating connections and community, supporting students and co-workers with resources, and investing in their own personal wellness. Trainings were hosted by fellow colleagues who became facilitators in Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and the Be Well UC employee wellness program. All Mental Health Champions actively demonstrate their commitment to building the culture of positive well-being at the University. 
Many recall this initiative was founded by Student Government and CAPS with the first cohort of 135 faculty and staff attending an all-day training in January 2020. All involved know this is a necessary investment, so Healthy UC, the university-wide well-being collaborative, committed to sustaining this program. This aligns with Healthy UC’s mission to educate, support and empower our community to make healthy choices while building an overall culture of well-being.

The spring graduation this year was held virtually due to the pandemic. It did not lack enthusiasm, though. The virtual ceremony included a welcome from Dr. Tara Scarborough (executive director of health and wellness and director of the CAPS division of Student Affairs​), a keynote and Mental Health Champion pledge with First Lady Dr. Jennifer Pinto, testimonials from Laura Dell (associate dean​ with CECH’s Academic Affairs) and Gretchen Hart (director of undergraduate advising​ with CEAS), and a panel including students, faculty and staff (Terri Corbett with College of Nursing advising; Dr. Stacey Benton with UC Blue Ash veterinary technology; Emily Scheiwiller, graduate assistant for social work and Assistant Dean Cummins; and Rachel Schiller and Jenny Whitt of the Bearcat Support Network). 

recording of the ceremony is available. 

Congratulations to our graduates

Mental Health Champion Graduates 2021
Graduate's Name Area

In Memory of Liz Aumann​ 

HR, Benefits and Wellness​ 

Hannah Barnhorn​ 

Clermont-Paralegal Studies​ 

Rhonda Bastian​ 

Sponsored Rsrch-Accounting​ 

Amy Bernard​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Madeline Bible​ 


Brooke Bolton​ 

UC Online-Retention​ 

Alexander Borisov​ 


Debbie Brawn​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Jeff Brewer​ 


Molly Bromen​ 

HR, Employee Wellness​ 

Michelle Burbage​ 

MED-Environment & Public Hlth​ 

Terra Butler​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Livvy Cameron​ 

LCB-Undergraduate Advising​ 

Isabel Castro​ 

CCHMC Corporate​ 

Leah Chamberlain​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Hong Cheng​ 

Univ Libry-CEAS​ 

Roger Chiang​ 

LCB-Ops, Bus Analytics, & IS​ 

Pam Chin​ 

CECH-Business Office​ 

Megan Church-Nally​ 


Shari Coffey​ 

LCB-Undergraduate Prgms​ 

Marcell Crawford​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Carmen Culotta​ 

CECH-Evaluation Svcs Ctr​ 

Adrienne Davis Zapfe​ 

CAHS-Clinical & Health Info​ 

Gary DeVoe​ 


Nancy Diemler​ 

A&S-Mathematical Sciences​ 

Anna Donnell​ 


Eden Driscoll​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Elaine Dunker​ 

A&S-Romance & Arabic Languages​ 

Zag ElSayed ​ 

CECH-Information Technology​ 

Beth Faller​ 


Valerio Ferme​ 

A&S-Arts and Sciences​ 

Jill Flood​ 

Career Education​ 

Daniel Floyd​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Margaret Fogler​ 

Campus Svcs-Housing​

Samantha Foltz​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Lisa Forbes​ 

LCB-Career Services​ 

Barb Fox​ 

Research Ofc-Business Office​ 

Kathy Fryman​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Doe Gavin​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Advising​ 

Danielle Gingrich​ 


Gabrielle Golden​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Dianne Hardin​ 


Cammie Hulett​ 


Kaitlyn Johnson​ 

CECH-Business Office​ 

Regan Johnson​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Colleen Joyce​ 

UCBA-Academic Affairs​ 

Mary Justice​ 


Kamila Kasparian ​ 


Bene Khoury​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Grace Kroner​ 

Athletics-Compliance & StuSvcs​ 

Kelly Kwiatkowski​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Shannon Lehwald​ 

Career Education​ 

Robin Lindquist-Grantz​ 

Institute for Policy Research​ 

Joseph Link​ 


Keisha Love​ 

Provost-Fac Affrs & Acad Pers​ 

Kelly Lyle​ 

MED-Operations & Finance​ 

Yu Mao​ 

Univ Libry-Business Office​ 

Stacey Martin​ 

Learning Commons​ 

Kelly McCullough​ 

LCB-Instructional Design​ 

Samantha McMahon​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Greg Metz​ 

UCBA-Academic Affairs​ 

Karen Meyer​ 

CAHS-Comm Sci & Disorders​ 

Lindsey Mills​ 

CAHS-Rehab, Exercise & Nutr​ 

Laura Molander​ 

CCM-Costume Shop Production​ 

Robyn Mullen​ 


Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh​ 

UCBA-Business & Economics​ 

Tamika Odum​ 

UCBA-Behavioral Sciences​ 

Loren Papin A&S Advising

Scott Pena​ 


Danielle Petermann​ 

A&S-Biological Sciences​ 

Stefanie Pettys​ 

UCBA-Art & Visual Comm​ 

Emily Piercey​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Adrienne Piontek​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Jim Pross​ 

LCB-Information Technology​ 

Rachel Randall​ 

SA-Couns & Psychological Svcs​ 

Kelly Rawe​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Brandy Reeves​ 

Student Affairs-Wellness Ctr​ 

Teresa Roig-Torres​ 

UCBA-Foreign Languages​ 

Melissa Ryan​ 

CEAS-Mech Eng & Materials Eng​ 

Ashley San Diego​ 

HR, Employee Wellness​ 

Kim Schmidt​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Beth Shelton-Hountz​ 


Susan Sipple​ 

UCBA-English & Communication​ 

David Spatholt​ 

MED-Emergency Medicine​ 

Peyton Stensland​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Jennifer Sturm​ 

Athletics-Student Athlete Supp​ 

Emilee Suchomski​ 

CCM-Admissions & Student Svcs​ 

Christopher Sullivan​ 

CECH-Criminal Justice​ 

Amy Tasset ​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Stu Fincl Aid​ 

Lauren Tate​ DAAP-School of Art​

Lisa Timman​ 

UCBA-Art & Visual Comm​ 

Christine Tonnis​ 

Career Education​ 

Colleen Uscianowski​ 


Tricia Vonderahe​ 

DAAP-Business Affairs​ 

Zoe Wagner​ 

Graduate Assistant​ 

Rebecca Williamson​ 

LCB-Instructional Design​ 

Heather Wischer​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Angie Woods​ 

UCBA-Foreign Languages​ 

Betsy Yeakle​ 

CECH-Criminal Justice​ 

Kim Zimmerer​ 


Interested or Have Questions?

Opportunities to become a Mental Health Champion will be shared in the fall. Reach out to healthyuc@uc.edu if interested and with questions.

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