Yahoo News/WCPO: Medical school graduate thankful for support team which helped her to get through

UC's Hagar Elgendy handled med school with four children born along the way

Hagar Elgendy is one of 176 students who will receive medical degree in the UC College of Medicine Sunday, May 23. She shared her medical school journey with WCPO reporter Kristyn Hartman, whose Positively Cincinnati segment placed the spotlight on Elgendy and her husband and parenting partner, former Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Peerman. When his time with the team ended, he picked up a lot of the stay-at-home responsibilities as Elgendy completed medical school.  The couple have four children – all born during Elgendy’s tenure as a medical student. After graduation, the couple will move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where Elgendy will complete residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of North Carolina.

Listen to her story on WCPO online.

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Featured image of Kristyn Hartman with Hagar Elgendy family in the background.

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