WXIX: UC non-profit economics center honors Cincinnati-area teachers

The Alpaugh Family Economics Center recognizes teachers of financial literacy

Devoted to financial education and research, the University of Cincinnati's Alpaugh Family Economics Center provides a free, award-winning education program called SmartPath, used by teachers and families in forty states.

The economics center virtually recognized Kathryn Holcomb from the Little Miami Intermediate School as the Personal Finance Educator of the Year. In addition, Ann Kroger from the Kilgour Elementary School was recognized as the leadership award winner through the Susan Sargen Student Enterprise Program.

McDonald’s CEO and President Chris Kempczinski, a Cincinnati native, delivered a message addressing financial resilience leading to increased productivity.

Watch the Fox 19 segment.

More on the Alpaugh Center awards.

Featured image at top of smartpath, a financial literacy program for children. Photo/Alpaugh Center

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