Local 12: Local woman in need of life saving liver transplant

UC transplant surgeon discusses living liver donor program

Sherry Patterson is waiting on the gift of life.  The wife and mother is home right now receiving IV nutrients and hydration to stay alive. She says she doesn’t need anyone to lose their life for her, but rather to donate just a portion of their liver so she can continue to function.  Local 12 News reporter Liz Bonis spoke to Patterson about her quest and with Shimul Shah, MD, a professor of surgery in the UC College of Medicine and a UC Health transplant surgeon. “We take about 60-65% of a donor's liver, so they're left with 35%, but that 35% will grow and double to about 70% in a span of about six weeks,” explains Shah, who is also division chief of transplantation at UC.

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Featured image of a surgical procedure courtesy of Unsplash.