Let's Be Tobacco Free UC!

Tobacco Free UC is here to educate, empower and support you. With classes starting, more Bearcats are returning to campus as well as visitors. It is important that your overall health and well-being are prioritized.

All UC campuses, buildings and parking garages are tobacco, smoke and vapor free. This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Therefore, we encourage you to share information about cessation resources to bring awareness and support to one another. 

Tobacco Free UC is here for you, so please be here for us, too! Your well-being is truly valued, and we hope that you can value the importance of keeping UC tobacco free. 

​​​​​​​For details on the policy and cessation resources, please visit uc.edu/tobaccofree

Discover ways to focus on your wellness

All faculty and staff are welcome to join the Be Well UC employee wellness program for opportunities to support Tobacco Free UC and form healthier habits. Students also have opportunities to engage in healthier habits and inform each other of the cessation resources to guide them. Below are useful tools for all faculty, staff and students when it comes to living out a healthier lifestyle.

Take advantage of these ideas to invest and reward yourself. Eligible employees can earn and log Be Well UC points in the Alyfe portal.

  • Try a new habit in a fun way with Choose Your Own Challenge(s), like "Kick a Habit" and "Create Your Own Challenge." Log each challenge for 10 Be Well UC points.
  • Complete a self-paced, online Wellness Workshop, "Quit Tobacco," on the Alyfe Portal within the Well-being Objectives.
  • Explore Impact Solutions, UC’s Employee Assistance Plan, with the Quit Center, 1:1 counseling, articles and videos.
  • Quitlogix: includes web-based resources and/or 5 sessions of telephonic health coaching to guide you on your quitting journey. Call 855-372-0046 or visit their website.

Feel free to visit the Student Wellness Center website. The Student Wellness Center provides many services and overall education on UC’s Tobacco Free Policy. Start your journey on the path to quitting with the following resources:

Find and do what works best for you

It is important to remember that all faculty, staff and students can access QuitLogix’s website to help you create a quit plan and strategies to staying committed to your plan.

Overall, there are local and national resources to guide you as well. Everyone has their own journey and should find what works best for them.

Would you like Tobacco Free UC materials?

Email tobaccofree@uc.edu for materials, including flyers, table tents, pens, mints, etc., for your department if returning to campus. These materials are most useful when displayed in office areas, break rooms, lobbies, tables and other high-traffic areas. We will send these to you via interoffice mail.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and it is a community effort to inform all who step foot on our campuses about the Tobacco Free UC policy. It is a significant impact when we remind each other of the resources we can use to help make the UC community a healthier place. Our goal is to improve the well being of all Bearcats.  

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