Sixteen new faculty join College of Engineering and Applied Science

Faculty join from across engineering disciplines

The College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati continues to grow with the addition of 16 faculty members in 2021. Four professors were announced in January. Twelve faculty members, introduced below, joined CEAS in August. 

Meet the faculty:

Kwame Amoah

Kwame Amoah

Assistant Professor Educator Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management  

Research/Teaching Interests: project planning and scheduling; construction estimating/costing; value engineering and constructability; project delivery systems; building Information modeling; energy efficiency in buildings; sustainability in construction; MEP systems for constructors

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Jillian Aurisano headshot

Jillian Aurisano

Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  

Research/Teaching Interests: data visualization and visual analytics; human-computer interaction; large and collaborative display environments; immersive analytics and virtual reality; multi-modal interaction; computer-supported cooperative work   

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Kishan Bellur headshot

Kishan Bellur

Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 

Research/Teaching Interests: evaporation and condensation; interfacial and capillary phenomena; optical characterization; cryogenics; micro-scale thermophysics; multi-scale modeling; molecular dynamics; scientific and high-performance computing

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Aaron Burdette headshot

Aaron Burdette

Assistant Professor of Practice Department of Biomedical Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: entrepreneurship and KEEN education; medical device design; work-integrated learning; undergraduate and graduate engineering education research 

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Christopher Calhoun headshot

Christopher Calhoun

Assistant Professor Educator Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 

Research/Teaching Interests: solid mechanics; crystal plasticity; deformation mechanisms in metals; fatigue/fracture; data informed decision making; improving undergraduate education

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Sameh Eisa headshot

Sameh Eisa

Assistant Professor Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics  

Research/Teaching Interests: dynamics and control of nonlinear systems; geometric control theory and methods; mathematical and physical modeling of systems; bio-Inspired robotics/UAVs; wind turbines systems; imaging 

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Gordon headshot

Paul Gordon

Assistant Professor Educator Department of Biomedical Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: medical device design; value-driven design pedagogy; global healthcare technology; point-of-care biomarker detection; portable microscopy and spectroscopy; tropical disease diagnosis 

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Will Hawkins headshot

William Hawkins

Assistant Professor Educator Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research/Teaching Interests: static binary rewriting; network protocols; operating systems; cybersecurity 

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Novak headshot

Vesna Novak

Associate Professor Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research/Teaching Interests: rehabilitation robotics; wearable technologies; exoskeletons; serious games; affective computing; biomedical signal processing  

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David Reeping headshot

David Reeping

Assistant Professor Department of Engineering Education  

Research/Teaching Interests: machine learning; agent-based modeling; mixed methods research; transfer student experiences; curricular complexity 

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Jing Tang headshot

Jing Tang

Associate Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering 

Research/Teaching Interests: medical image formation and understanding; emission tomography imaging; machine learning integrated image reconstruction and analysis; radiation dose reduction; outcome prediction; diagnostic and prognostic advancement

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so yoon yoon headshot

So Yoon Yoon

Assistant Professor Department of Engineering Education 

Research/Teaching Interests: preK-12 STEAM education; psychometrics; program evaluation; undergraduate and graduate engineering education research; workplace climate for engineering faculty; spatial ability research 

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