Preparing one A&S student for life after graduation

For Julius Freeman, A&S ’21, the high point of his college career came at the finish line. With a double major in psychology and communications and a long list of accomplishments behind him, he stood before a microphone as the student commencement speaker last May and looked out over a sea of fellow students, faculty and administrators. 

In his speech, “Built to Last,” he extolled the power and beauty in humanity. “We are not meant to always be thriving,” he declared. “But we are built to last.” 

“That moment changed me forever,” Julius says. “I know for sure now that I want to speak and share ideas for a living. I want to encourage generations and change the world with my voice. I could not have had that revelation without UC giving me the opportunity to speak at Commencement. I will be forever thankful for my time at UC and will be a lifelong Bearcat.” 

Julius graduated from Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills High School, a demanding public college preparatory school. Of the colleges he visited, UC was the one where he felt “the most at home.”  

As a donor, you are investing in the future; you are investing in a young person who has a vision, who has a passion.

Julius Freeman

Our scholarships change lives

Julius is grateful to those who funded his scholarships. “As a donor, you are investing in the future; you are investing in a young person who has a vision, who has a passion,” he says. “They chose to come to college because they believe in something or they’re passionate about something, and that passion and energy will lead to something good. So your investment is worthwhile not only for you and for them, but also for the broader community because of the good things this young person will do.”

 Julius thrived as a Bearcat. He made the Dean’s List five times, served as president of three student organizations the African American Cultural and Resource Center’s (AACRC) Exceptional Senior Award. 

Within A&S, he experienced wide-ranging diversity and discovery. “I was asked to learn a lot of different things and cover a lot of different topics,” he says. “I learned so much from each group of people and each new perspective, whether it was from teachers of philosophy, political science, communications or psychology. Each group of faculty, staff and students taught me a different way of thinking and seeing the world.” 

Making meaningful connections at UC and beyond  

The AACRC’s numerous activities and mentoring opportunities were also of special importance. “I developed a lot of relationships there, friendships, and learned a lot about myself,” he says. “I was able to participate in movements and groups and conversations that really shaped who I want to become and how I see the world.” 

Julius, is now eyeing a future in academia or public relations and marketing. His career path, whichever direction it takes, will rise from the building blocks of his Bearcat experience. “I wouldn’t be who I am without it,” he says. “I learned a lot and was given the resources I needed to develop and grow as a person. Because of UC, I am becoming the person I want to be in the world.” 

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Jamie Muenzer, DAAP '11

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