Update Your UC Zoom Account

Zoom update required before November 3

Zoom will be implementing its new software lifecycle policy on Nov. 3, 2022.

This means that University of Cincinnati students, faculty and staff who are running an end-of-life version after Nov. 3 will not be able to join meetings via the Zoom Client and will be prompted to update or join from the web browser.

Don't delay! Download & install the latest Zoom version today.

Students, faculty and staff who are administrators of their devices (e.g. a personally owned desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) can download and install the latest version of at zoom.us/download. ​​​​​​​

Need help?

If you’re having trouble updating Zoom on a UC-issued device, please contact your local IT department. Or, contact the IT Service Desk using the information below.

Featured image at top: UC students, faculty and staff who use Zoom should keep their software up-to-date. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Creative + Brand

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