Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Nordrum

Physical therapy alum makes big impact at the Department of Veterans Affairs

headshot of Kyle

Kyle Nordrum graduated from the University of Cincinnati's Physical Therapy program in 2015 and he's already making an impact on a national scale. 

He was recently recognized by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for his work and innovation during the pandemic.

Nordrum's team were early adoptors using of a temperature monitoring mat that is able to catch wounds several weeks before they may have been noticed in populations with limited sensation. 

Learn more about his innovative work entitled, Reducing Hospital Admissions and Amputation Prevention: Remote Temperature Monitoring on the Veterans Affairs website. 

We were able to catch up with the Bearcat alum and ask him a few questions: 

Where are you currently working?

I currently split my time between to roles - PAVE Physical Therapist (PAVE stands for Prevention of Amputation In Veterans Everywhere) at Cincinnati VA. The 2nd half of my week is as the Clinical Development and Training Lead for the VA's Diffusion of Excellence.

Where did you get your undergraduate degree from?

Brown University

How did your UC experience shape your career?

While in PT school at UC I did my final clinical rotation at the VA. I then did a physical therapy geriatric residency at the VA and UC. Now I'm faculty for the same residency program so UC has shaped and continues to shape every aspect of my training and professional development.

How did you become interested/engaged in this area of research?

I've always been more interested in preventative than reactive healthcare. This program aligned with my interest in amputation prevention as well. I'm always looking for conservative ways to improve outcomes especially preventing amputations.

Any advice you would give to a current/future students?

Consider yourself a specialist in your field as a physical therapist. We are the mobility experts. Never stop looking stuff up and learning. With additional training and experience you can also become an expert in a niche field as well regardless of your healthcare degree and licensure.