KSAT: Special Delivery: Drones bringing the doctor inside your home

A UC collaboration from three colleges likely to pilot health care drones in 2022

“We are building a telehealth drone that will have the ability to go inside people’s homes,” said Manish Kumar, PhD, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cincinnati. “That’s very, very challenging from technology point of view, because once you go inside people’s homes, you lose connection with the GPS.”

Researchers at three colleges at UC invented a new prototype telehealth drone that can be dispatched to a patient's home. It's large enough to carry medical cargo but small enough to navigate the interior of a home comfortably.

The research is featured on UC’s website and is gaining national attention, to include a feature in Forbes, Inc.

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Featured image at top of Debi Sampsel, director of telehealth in UC's College of Nursing. Photo/UC Creative + Brand. 

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