Local 12: Local ecologist looks at ways to save bats

Bats and Halloween go hand in hand, but the flying mammals get a bad rap.

Bats should be revered, not feared, says UC’s Joseph Johnson, an assistant professor of information technology and ecologist.

Johnson is currently leading research on the decline of Ohio’s little brown bat population and was interviewed by Local 12 during Bat Week 2022 (Oct. 22-27).

“Bats are something most people don’t understand, and people unfortunately fear things they don’t understand,” said Johnson.

There are more than 1,400 species of bats, all of which contribute to the ecosystem by eating insects like flies mosquitoes, moths, beetles as a type of natural pest control.

Johnson’s bat research has been covered by multiple media outlets and appears on UC’s website.

Watch the Local 12 interview

Featured image at top courtesy of Unsplash. 

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