WLWT: UC team leading research into green energy technology

UC chemistry students develop a more efficient battery for wind and solar power

WLWT highlighted chemistry research at the University of Cincinnati that could improve large-scale batteries needed by solar and wind farms.

UC College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor Jimmy Jiang and his students developed a cheaper and more efficient battery that can generate more voltage than traditional batteries. They wrote about their project in the the journal Nature Communications.

Innovations such as UC’s will have profound effects on green energy, Jiang said. Batteries store renewable energy for when it’s needed, not just when it’s produced. This is crucial for getting the most out of wind and solar power, he said.

“You can easily scale up or scale down the batter to meet the requirement of that specific solar farm or wind turbine,” Jiang told WLWT.

Jiang and his team are still in the fundamental stages of this new technology and expect it to still be several years before it's implemented in the real world. However, the team has submitted a provisional patent application on the promising research they've conducted so far.

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Jianbing "Jimmy" Jiang and his students working in his lab, where they have created a new battery with widespread applications for renewable energy.

UC Associate Professor Jimmy Jiang and his students have developed a cheaper and more efficient battery in his chemistry lab. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand

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