UC Simulation Center Earns Kudos from the National Academies

As part of an effort to inspire new university-industry partnerships and to raise awareness of the range of these collaboration models, the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership

(UIDP) of the National Academies

is featuring a case study report on the University of Cincinnati

Simulation Center

, a collaborative effort between UC and the Procter & Gamble Company. 

This is a very high honor for the college and a tribute to our industry collaborations and our research efforts,” said Teik C. Lim, interim dean of the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS). “We are delighted to be recognized with Procter &  Gamble for the excellence of our joint research projects.”

As a result of the ongoing success of the

collaboration of the UC Simulation Center

, the relationship between UC-CEAS and P&G continues to

garner recognition

and to deepen.

The center’s collaborative teams of P&G and UC engineers and students have worked on dozens of P&G projects over the years. These teams give P&G access to solutions and talent, while providing students opportunities to work on real-time projects. With specific expertise in structural mechanics and dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and other modeling disciplines, P&G finds great value in working with UC’s faculty and students to deploy modeling and simulation capabilities across projects in R&D and Product Supply.

As the case study outlines, this partnership is part of P&G’s Connect+Develop open innovation work, aimed at linking the most innovative minds in the world to P&G’s most challenging opportunities to accelerate innovation for consumers. Additionally, as of early 2013, P&G has hired 10 students out of the UC Simulation Center as full-time employees.

The UC Simulation Center is “owned” by the University of Cincinnati and fully funded by P&G, with no additional support from local, state or federal funding agencies.

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