Parking News


Stay up-to-date on construction this summer!

There are several construction repairs affecting UC parking garages this summer. To ensure you’re staying informed on these repairs and their timelines, please review the list below.

During this period, normal parking operations for these garages will be maintained.

Straight St. Closure

Straight Street and Stratford Avenue closed Thursday, May 9 and will remain closed for two months, as the area continues to be redeveloped. Access to the garage remains open throughout this process from Clifton Avenue. Garage and Lot Access will also be available from Stratford Avenue by way of Joselin Avenue.

University Hall Garage

UC Facilities and P+D+C have begun performing curb repairs, installation of six new parking spaces, and replacement/widening of the entry and exit drive lanes from Goodman Drive to the entrance of University Hall circle/upper Kingsgate Garage.

The next two phases of the project for the replacement/widening of the entry and exit drives will require closure of the University Hall (P0) Entry/Exit to the parking garage.

In addition, Goodman Drive will be entry only, and a RIGHT TURN ONLY exit at Vine St., with completion anticipated by August 2. Site signage will be installed to assist with directing traffic during this time.

Access to University Hall front area parking, deliveries, and passenger drop off will be maintained via one-way-only entry from Goodman Drive, with exiting via RIGHT TURN ONLY from the new stop sign at Vine St.

The upper entry and exit of the Parking Garage below University Hall (P0 location) will be closed during this phase. The Kingsgate entry/exit on P1 will be used as the replacement entry/exit during this time.

Eden Garage

As a part of the summer garage maintenance repair, there will be manlift equipment setup Thursday, Aug. 1 to Sunday, Aug. 4.

The equipment will be located on the southwest corner of the garage on Panzeca Way. This location will block access for thru traffic and the southeast corner, blocking the Eden Avenue entrance.

During this period, Panzeca Way will be accessible only via Eden Avenue, and all entry/exits will be available for normal use. Please follow signs posted for way finding.

Backstage Drive

Part of Backstage Drive, from the University Pavilion bridge to the CCM West garage entrance, will be shut down for maintenance August 5 from 6 a.m. to noon. The CCM West garage entrance will still be accessible from Corbett Drive and the North CCM garage exit will remain in operation.