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Exploring the field of medicine

  • is a great resource for  learning about health-related careers, education and training, health education events, issues in health care and MUCH more.
  • Medical Career Paths: Explore all of your medical career options to see what could be a good fit.
  • Find Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine in your area and consider reaching out to them for shadowing opportunities.
  • AAMC Pre-med Navigator Newsletter includes information, resources, tips, and more to help you on your path to medical school
  • AAMC - Great Summer Pre-Med Reads
  • Medical School Headquarters:
  • Aspiring Docs provides resource and inspiration to help you get started on your path to medicine.
  • is a great source for interesting articles, checklists, summer research opportunities and useful tools for pre-med students.
  • Shadowing is required by many schools. We encourage you to shadow your own primary care physician as well as additional health care specialists. Ask your physician for suggestions/referrals. Also, visit the AAMC site on Getting Experience.
    • If you are interested in applying to osteopathic medical school you must shadow an osteopathic (DO) doctor.

Diversity - Programs for underrepresented groups in healthcare

Financing medical school

International applicants

Applying to medical school

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