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Galleries Director Provides Artistic Getaways

Date: March 4, 2002
By Eric Lose
Contact: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos by Colleen Kelley
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Nerves a little frazzled? Feel like your stress level has risen up past your eyeballs? It might be good idea for you to take a break. ... Go immerse yourself in the total, sense-soothing and artistic environment at any of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning galleries. Your eyes, ears and psyche will thank you. Anne Timpano

Anne Timpano, director of DAAP's Galleries, has been coordinating exhibits at all three locations for eight years. Before coming to UC, she worked as the director of the Columbus Museum in Georgia and at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. As if running three galleries wasn't enough, she also manages the university's art collection and is director of DAAP's graduate certificate program in museum studies.

Timpano said she likes being in a school setting, because everyone is always thinking about art. She has the final say on the selection of displayed works and agendas for all shows. Three galleries are a lot for one person to manage, so recently she organized a committee of faculty to help with ideas for future exhibits and sometimes act as guest curators.

"There's a lot that goes into each show," said Timpano. The curator first develops an idea or theme for an exhibit, and then contacts selected artists who might want to participate. "It's very time consuming; there are so many details to negotiate," said Timpano. "Plus it usually involves several trips to their studios to view and select works." Sometimes the curator selects the pieces to be shown, and occasionally the decision is left up to the artist. "You can't always travel to see their work. You just let them know the show's direction and what you're looking for, and they'll usually send their good work." Anne Timpano

When getting works on loan from an artist, the curator must work out the aspects of shipping, packing, storage and return of art. According to Timpano, negotiations to borrow from museums are considerably more involved. "We have to fill out facility reports, which are 32-page documents describing the nature of our operation and how we will take care of the works. When the pieces arrive we have to unpack them and make reports on their condition. It's a very labor-intensive process."

On top of the shipping and reporting, there are receptions to plan, invitations to print and mail, layout and display order to plan, lighting and construction to consider. "Because of the time element involved and the high cost of art shipping. We usually focus on work by local artists, faculty and students."

Timpano's training as an art historian gave her the tools for looking at art and helped her develop the ability to present it in a cohesive manner. "These are skills I picked up in school and while working in museums. Because of the museum studies certificate program at DAAP, students now have many more opportunities to develop their curatorial skills."

Timpano is very happy she made the move to UC. "They recruited me, and I like it here a lot. Since I've come to the university, the leadership has shown a lot of concern and support for the galleries, the art collection and the museum studies program. Whenever I've suggested we undertake any initiative, I've received encouragement."

So when you feel the need for that break, check out one of DAAP's galleries. When you walk inside, you'll feel the quiet, the artistic energy -- and most of all the peace that Anne Timpano puts there.

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